New info on Haze: Big improvements made, will be released very soon

A post in the Official Ubisoft Forums by a Free Radical Staff:

"Sorry guys but Haze is NOT Duke Nukem Forever

Normally we have to be a bit careful about what we say on forums in case it incurs the wrath of Neko or Dr. Doak for giving too much info away, but this time I'm very safe in saying that Haze is coming.

While we can't explicitly say what improvements we've made (I'd love to tell you all the cool stuff we've been putting in!...but I also love my job too lol) I can guarantee you that the extra bit of time has made a big difference for the better.

We understand the frustration caused by shifting things around a bit, but we just want to make sure things are right for the people who'll be playing Haze *very* soon..."

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TheHater3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

sweet. Now it look like I wasn't wrong to re-preorder this game.

I actually think that this game will be a sleeper hit this year.

yeah, March will be the only time I will also get a chance to play this game. Because after that, there is just too many games that will be coming out that I will be getting.

decapitator3659d ago

I hope am not the only one who still hold this game very high ? IN FRD I trust. This game might be a sleeper for all we know, am most definitely looking forward to it

sonarus3659d ago

haze will be a solid game overall. Wnt be mind blowing or anything but it will be a pretty fun game overall. I hope it does comeout in march thats honestly they only time i see myself getting it

marinelife93659d ago

If it's a decent game they'll do really well on the sequel. I don't think the original is going to sell a lot of copies though (even though I still plan on picking it up).

LastDance3659d ago

well i have to say. From what ive seen so far i wasnt impressed. BUT these are the guys who made timesplitters.. and The god of all FPS james bond so that alone is enough for me to give it a shot.

Cwalat3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

looks like i have to cough up another 60$ in march. :S

hope they show the improved stuff soon or ill be pisst !

Kleptic3659d ago

on the fence about it...with CoD 4 and UT3 taking up all my time now, I don't really need anything new...and with MGS4 right around the corner, of which is a 1st day purchase regardless, this game will have to be above average to get me interested...

but I like the developer...and and the new gameplay additions seem pretty cool so long as they fixed the polish problems, the visuals didn't seem too bad either...we will see I guess...

mikeslemonade3659d ago

The developer of this game knows what they're doing. They're experienced. If you're investing a lot into a shooter like Haze then it's going to be a good game. Look at Insomniac they made Ratchet games and then they make Resistance and that was a good game because they invested a lot into it.

fusionboxer3658d ago

This might be the game that's gonna get into peoples hands by word of mouth about the amazing multi player and tech features.

Who doesn't love 4 player online drop in and out campaign co op? What about zero load times and a consistent journey throughout the campaign?

Oh and don't forget the fact that we can have 2 players on one ps3 play online with another 2 from another ps3 across the nation. Yea that's right. Online splitscreen.

I'll see everyone online soon.

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TheHater3659d ago

weren't we promise a demo? where the hell is it?

Lifendz3659d ago

Just curious. With so many first person shooters coming: Resistance 2, Killzone 2, and (to an extent) Metal Gear Solid 4, will we care about Haze? With Grand Theft Auto dropping in April and, as always, taking over the NPDs when that happens, when will they drop this game? I guess if it's as good as they're saying it is, it'll do well but I just see this game getting lost in the shuffle.

decapitator3659d ago

I care. I mean yes, I understand what you are saying but I like the look and feel of this game very much ever since it's unveiling. Also I like the whole concept with what the developers are doing with it. I won't call this out just yet.

SUP3R3659d ago

I'm actually looking forward to HAZE I have a really good vibe for this game. I would like to see a new trailer with the new changes and features, but I never gave up on this title like most others did because of delays.

Chubear3659d ago

Dude, what are you on? There's only 2 exclusive FPSs on the PS3 and in NA HAZE would be the first one in 2008.

You really think having 2 exclusive FPSs is too much?

Last year the PS3 had 2 FPS exclu. and one of them is timed.
This year it's looking like it'll have 3 of them.

So you really think having 5 exclusive FPS in 2years is too much or alot?

This is a great balance for gamers who like FPSs but aren't fanatics of the genre while fanatics also have a bunch of multiplat FPSs to add to the exclusives too.

HAZE will sell well, why? cause it's only the 3rd FPS exclusive to comeout and people already want a new experience from R:fom & UT III

Mattearl3659d ago

Okay, MGS4 is out till summer sometime. Resistance and KZ2 are coming out by the end of the year. COD is getting....well... a little boring (Infinity, hurry up with the map pack! :) ) UT3 is awesome, so i think a release date in March is fantastic. Just add it to the list of games to purchase.

Man, i'm going to be broke in March. Army of Two, HAZE, and i think a couple more good ones.

Lifendz3658d ago

I'm not debating. I simply asked if people still cared about the game.

fusionboxer3658d ago

Yea it's funny man to see Riley and Huey going at it on even N4g.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW3659d ago

seriously does anyone think this game isn`t going to be great.

they made.

1. Golden Eye N64
2. The Timesplitters series


Keowrath3659d ago

I think it will be great but the delays have been doing this title major damage. Unless they release soon it's going to be lost amidst a sea of bigger titles.

I don't see it being anywhere near as huge as KZ2 and R2 are gonna be but it'll be a very solid FPS and if they do include the rumoured 4 player split screen I will pick it up day one.

Pain3658d ago

Forgot one :)

and Yes will be good since eveybody that made or had a
hand in those games left RARE when M$ bought them.

So how can HAZE not be a killer ^^

Vip3r3659d ago

I still care about this game and the sooner it's out the better. Plus I'll be getting the free pen and tin too.


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