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Joystiq: "PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale may be inspired by Smash Bros., but it has managed to become more than a simple imitator. It carries its own ideas that give it a distinct place in the market. The rock-solid fighting mechanics alone make it worth a look, but even non-fight fans can enjoy the frenzied fun of video game icons beating each other mercilessly. Where else can you see the brutally violent god of war bested by an anthropomorphic raccoon or a rapping puppy? Nintendo should be paying attention; it's not a genre of one anymore."

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godofboobees1975d ago

It has never been a genre of one. Smash is just the more popular of the genre and for the simple minded reviewers who gave it a horrible score because it wasn't smash, you should off yourselves immediately

Thatguy-3101975d ago

The only negative thing about the game is its SP. It seems like they put no effort behind. I basically just bought the game for the multiplayer because that's where all the fun and enjoyment is at. When it gets a sequel it will be nice if they did put the same effort to the campaign mode. Other than that in the long run this game is pretty good. Enjoyed the beta? Get the game.

Godchild10201975d ago

I feel the same way about the story. The build up to the rival is not there, it just happens and that sucks. Lets not even talk about the boss battles. I hope if there is a sequel, they go the Mortal Kombat route. With a real tournament style story with a better meet up for the rivals.

The second thing I hate about the story is that the Dojo is always the first stage you fight in.

The multiplayer is great and where it's at. When I bought my copy, I went to see some friends at another store and got a few matches in with a few customers that bought the game as well before rushing to leave. The 3 minute matches build up and make the battles intense, because you really don't know who is winning.

I would like to say Sackboy and Toro are like Yoda from Soul Caliber. I used Raiden's level 1 and it completely missed because of their height. Maybe it was just that match?

yami9301975d ago

The only negative for me in the game is the new Donte, he is honestly the suckiest thing to see and hear in the game, he ruins an awesome opening too :( Leave it to capcom to ruin a game. Other than that I'm loving the personalization / customization of pretty much everything about the game and the characters unlockables, I would love if Raiden had a grayfox skin, and I can't wait for DLC, this game is awesome. And for anyone who still is stuck on this being a clone for whatever reason, Super Smash Bros had inspirations before it too, it took ideas from other games such as 4 players on 1 screen fighting, the sidescrolling fighting genre Outfoxies started, and the crossover of all the company owned characters that started with King of Fighters. All super smash bros did was change gameplay mechanics, mix ideas from games before it, and put a nintendo roster, just like Playstation All Stars changed gameplay mechanics, took inspiration and ideas from a few games put them together, and put a Sony Playstation roster of characters so why is Playstation All Stars getting so much hate? I dont know, again Donte is the only eh for me, plus the menus could be a little better but thats something easily fixable.

Also good review by the way, its unbelievable how many reviews are kind of low or bad just because the games is not Super Smash bros, I didnt see people give low reviews for Halo 4 saying its not enough like Call of Duty.

r211975d ago

Dont worry about that opening, Heihachi got rid of him ;D

Ultr1975d ago

I dont Know, I like the new dante. I did not like the one they had in their first trailer, but NOW he's BADASS!

yami9301975d ago

His play style is alright in PS All stars, its close to normal dante, and he plays a lot better in this game than his own game the demo was horrible for DmC -_-

smashcrashbash1975d ago

The new Dante was given by Capcom. They said this is the new Dante and Superbot can't argue that but they couldn't keep a gaping hole, in their roster because of that. Besides after playing the DMC demo I have realized that the new Dante is not that bad. Not as good as the old Dante but not the horrible creature people painted him as.And I disagree that they didn't put any effort behind the SP. They could have worked on it more but it is a fighting game and I didn't expect Bioshock level story in the first place. I mean what was so deep about MK, Street Fighter or Tekken stories. I am not saying that they couldn't have worked on it more especially in the sequel but it is pretty much the standard for most fighting games. The rivalry or goal gets mentioned, you fight a few matches then you fight the final boss and it ends.I mean does anyone even remember why most Street Fighter people were in the tournaments they are in or what the endings were?

rdgneoz31975d ago

THe one sad thing about Dante is his outfits. The default is the best one he has. Pre-order is a wife beater and the lvl 10 one is shirtless...

And yah, fighting games have never been about the story really. The ones that have had any sort of story you have to do a bit of reading up on it to know what's actually going on. PS all stars just gives you an intro video of why the character is randomly joining the battle, quick clip of them getting into a confrontation with the "rival" character, and then them going home after. Short and to the point, so you can enjoy what you got it for in the first place (the fighting).