IGN-Persona 4 Golden Review

IGN:Four years ago, IGN deemed Persona 4 “amazing” on the PlayStation 2. Today, I’m saying the same thing about Persona 4 Golden on the PlayStation Vita. With its slick HD visuals, peppy voice actors and engaging story, the Japanese role-playing game stands among the best titles on Sony’s handheld, but when you toss in how deep the gameplay is and how much there is to do, Persona 4 Golden becomes the stuff of legend.

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DaThreats1981d ago

Betta get a Vita for this

Canary1981d ago

Don't forget Zero Escape and Gravity Rush while you're at it.

blitz06231981d ago

And the free Vita version of All-Stars if you got it!

fantasygamer1981d ago

also LittleBigPlanet Vita.

Protagonist1981d ago

Grab Persona 3 Portable too from PSN.

izumo_lee1981d ago

The game is officially legend material! It was a masterpiece in JRPG back in 2008, now it has transcended that genre & is now among the elite of the elite.

miyamoto1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

One of the highest rated games of all time so far...
Ragnarok Odyssey and LBP Vita comes very close

Its also nice that PSV has PS+, e-mail, 1080p video playback and a good internet browser.

It's getting better all the time.

Happy Vita Gaming

izumo_lee1980d ago

The Vita now has its definitive game in its short life span so far. When a JRPG has received such high critical acclaim it can only mean that the genre has a home on the system & i hope more developers look at the Vita more closely despite its sales figures.

LOGICWINS1981d ago

Looks like this is a must buy if you don't have the PS2 version.

Snookies121981d ago

It was a must buy even though I DID have the PS2 version lol!

LiViNgLeGaCY1981d ago

Lol, funny thing is I HAVE the PS2 version but I'm still gonna get this. I just love this game, and the added features just sounded too good to miss! =P

Hicken1980d ago

Got the PS2 version.

Got this version.

If it comes out for some 3DO, I'll get that version, too. It's so worth it.

LOGICWINS1980d ago

I'll get the Golden after I finish the original P4. I'll appreciate the new additions even more after I play the original.

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TheColbertinator1981d ago

Come on Amazon,send it already!!!!

TheLastGuardian1981d ago

Damn, got my copy of All-Stars today but no P4G. :( UPS doesn't work on Thanksgiving or the day after so I'll get it Saturday I hope. You're getting the solid gold edition, right?

ctorretta1981d ago

This game OOZES style. Not sure how it compares to the original PS2 one, but even the menu system in P4 Golden is amazing looking. I seriously took a screenshot of the save menu because I wanted it as a background.

It was a good week for the vita, between Sina Mora, PS Allstars, PS+ on Vita, and Persona 4 Golden, my Vita has been getting nonstop usage. Nice being reminded how great of a system it is when good games actually come out for it.

People can make fun of the low Vita sales all they want. I'll just be over here, happily playing a ton of awesome games on mine. :)

Hanso1981d ago

"People can make fun of the low Vita sales all they want. I'll just be over here, happily playing a ton of awesome games on mine. :)"
This so much

Tell me friend how do you like Sine mora so far ?is it hard or short ?
im 1 step away from buying it XD

ctorretta1981d ago

Not sure how long, but it is awesome so far. Challenging but not bullet-hell level crazy. Definitely worth picking up!

Shame it isn't crossbuy... I'd love to play it on the PS3 too. Oh well, the Vita version looks and plays great so I'm not crushed. I just like free stuff. :p

Kingthrash3601981d ago

I also have sine mora I haven't beat it but its a beautiful game that's worth 9.99 for sure. Coulda easily been 19.99 I'm my opinion. Really fun shooter

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