Harrison: Xbox London studio 'won't make retail games'

CVG- Speaking at the London Games Conference this afternoon, the Xbox firm's new corporate VP of interactive entertainment - and ex-Sony exec - Phil Harrison revealed that the studio "will not make retail games."

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Abash1976d ago

Im guessing they will not be games that are large scale like AAA titles

StrongMan1976d ago

Probably downloadable Kinect games.

Ben_Grimm1976d ago

Just because they won't be retail doesn't mean they won't be AAA. And there's nothing stopping large scale games via download only.

I mean just take a look at the many games on Steam and this should tell you that large scale AAA games are possible non-retail.

AAACE51976d ago

Still amazes me that phil harrison was one of the reasons ps3 and psp suffered so much, and then ms hires! Things are looking up for ms.

Abash1976d ago


He was actually the one who supported LittleBigPlanet and steered Media Molecule in the right direction with it. Sadly that was like in 2006/2007, the industry has changed and so has Phil Harrison's gaming philosophies. I don't see him doing anything as bold as his push for software in his PlayStation days

nukeitall1976d ago


Ironically, it was Phil Harrison that made PS3 do as well as it did. It was Sony's japanese arm *AND* Ken Kutaragi that screwed up the PS3 so badly.

nukeitall1976d ago


"Im guessing they will not be games that are large scale like AAA titles "

Nope. That is not what MS is saying. They are saying, the games released will not be a retail sold game.

It sounds like a free to play game that certainly sounds like a AAA game due to the hundreds of employees they are expanding the studio with.

iNathan1976d ago

Not bad. Still Microsoft wth are you doing so much money :x

sashimi1976d ago

pouring it all into kinect of course.

doctorstrange1976d ago

Interesting. Hopefully they make games that are still fun, and aren't 'too casual'

Jinkies1976d ago

Judging by what they've done since Kinect was released...I highly doubt it

dubt721976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Still weird seeing him represent MS. It's like when Deion came over to the Cowboys from the 49ers. It took some time to fully welcome him to the team.
Loved the "magical" observation about Xbox Live tho, lol.

Luke_fon_Fabre1976d ago

But then if you run out of room on the console... ? These systems better come with 2 TB hard drives or something

SonyStyled1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

thats why i never understood why ms released a 4gb 360. unless it was a business strategy to sell more larger hard drives after the console purchase. ms being ms i guess, finding ways to nickel and dime us. id do it too if it was going to make me millions. but really, most retail downloadable games are over 4gb. it took me 5 years to max my 60gb hdd. id max out 4 gigs pretty quickly as im sure most of us would. i think the problem though has been realized by the console manufacturers as most of the consoles now come with a large hdd