Why Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is one of the greatest games ever made

Gamesradar- Bioware's Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic proved that making an amazing Star Wars experience could be accomplished by combining excellent storytelling and memorable characters with the franchise's fascinating alien worlds and lore. KotOR is a Star Wars nerd's dream game. You get to wield a lightsaber, play Pazaak cards, use Force powers, gather a group of unstoppable space heroes, and save the galaxy. What more could you really want? It's the ultimate Star Wars experience, and is deservedly on our 100 best games of all time.

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NYC_Gamer1981d ago

It's one of the best SW games ever made

Anon19741981d ago

I could never get into this game. To me it just felt like every single NPC had to launch into this long winded conversation every time I wanted to execute a simple task. I wanted to like it as I was a fan of Bioware, and Star Wars for that matter, but it just felt overdone to me.

It actually turned me off Bioware for a few years until Dragon Age, and even then I cringed, expecting the same "I need to find my next mission. Could you possibly tell me your life story" approach to gameplay. I was pleasantly surprised that they seemed to have struck a balance in their story telling by that point.

EditorAtGNG1980d ago

Obviously you missed on quite the one major thing that made the game so great.

Fez1980d ago

I agree with you on that one... although I haven't played it in ages I do remember a lot of unnecessary and tedious chit-chat. Mass Effect 1 is to me a much better game. Better gameplay and less garrulous characers.

Gamer19821980d ago

Without the game there would be no Mass Effect as the Mass Effect engine was built off its engine. Not only that it was better than Mass Effect but it came out back in a time when it wouldn't work on consoles and consoles were king. As we found out with the sequel on Xbox1 which did okay but not nearly as well as the Mass Effect series.

Summons751980d ago

the first Knight of the Old Republic was on the original xbox, sorry to burst your bubble.

Anonagrog1980d ago

Not quite. The Mass Effect trilogy used Epic's Unreal Engine 3 from the get-go. The Kotor games used Bioware's in-house Odyssey engine. Both engines are completely unrelated.

insanejournalism1980d ago

I demand a KOTOR 3! And a Battlefront 3! And for Disney to not screw up and give Star Wars a death blow. Does LucasArts hate doing game trilogies? Just by looking at KOTOR 3 and Battlefront 3 I'd say yes.

Blastoise1980d ago

They got "valve syndrome"

aquamala1980d ago

Both games are amazing, and you can get them for $2.49 each on Steam sales

gillri1980d ago

liked this game alot, but I prefer the Mass effect universe alot more than the star wars one

but when I first played ME1 for first few hours I was like, this isnt as good as KOTOR

thezeldadoth1980d ago

i find the mass effect universe to be very boring. the setting is cool and the story was good in the first game, but the universe and story itself, not to mention gameplay, went downhill starting with the second one.

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