History of MotorStorm

The phrase "downloadable content" can send shivers of fear and anger down the spines of many gamers, as visions of cash-gouging publishers dance before their eyes wearing horse armour. One game that seems to have found a pleasing balance between worthwhile additional content and wallet pangs is MotorStorm, still receiving new material and gameplay updates over a year after its release. This, then, is a critical recap of what's been added, what's been tweaked and what the MotorStorm fanbase has made of it all.

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sonarus3716d ago

what i would like to see in motorstorm 2 would be split screen. Its hard for me to justify purchase of a racing game when i can't even play with my friends offline

TheHater3716d ago

That was the only reason why I didn't purchase this game. It need offline multiplayer

decapitator3716d ago

Sony show me Motorstorm 2 trailer at GDC. I have been impressed by this game since it's release, please release this game.

rofldings3716d ago

It'd be awesome if Motorstorm 2 goes above the target render for MS1. I'd buy that in a heartbeat.

MURKERR3716d ago

on ps3

time has commeth for ps3 to reign supreme, i still dont think theres been a graphically better racer than motorstorm so imagine motorstorm 2!

peasants ps3 is riding high

Yi-Long3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

... it had LOTS of stuff and content missing from the overpriced retailversion (70 euro(!) ), and afterwards they are gonna offer you all that stuff that SHOULD have been in there, but you are gonna pay even more for that stuff...(!) No way, man.

Plus, they're releasing different content for different nations, and for different prices, making us Europeans pay way more!

I'll just continue playing my awesome AWESOME Rallisport Challenge 2 on Xbox instead.

coolfool3716d ago

Hopefull will be the game that Motostorm 1 should have been. And hopefully you will get more "bang for your buck" as well.

Maddens Raiders3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

as if it ((needs)) something else to justify itself is ludicrous. I respect your opinions, but they are just that; opinions. I believe this is the best off-road game of all time - next to Ivan Stuart's Off-Road that caused a stir way back when.

I understand and appreciate the fact that you guys want offline m/p, but this game is meant to be enjoyed in full screen - non compressed - glory, not smashed down into a low res crash 'em up. This game with all of the dlc gives back to the original buyer ten - fold the worth of the game. All of the new track variations, skins, and challenges make this game not only untouchable as off-road racers go, but make it an ever evolving new game every 3 to 4 months; it's great!

There is no comparing this game to anything else out there - period. That's just not fanboy talk - that's the truth. If you're holding off playing it now due to offline s/s then you're doing yourself a huge disservice. Take it from me - an expert race and flight sim operator - this game is definitely 'AAA' in the genre, and one of the best titles on the PS3 overall. Don't miss it. 8D

SaiyanFury3716d ago

I most definitely agree with you. I hardly ever play games with more than just myself. The example I will use is fighting games. Me and my best friend love to spend nights drinking beers and rocking on each other in various versions of the recent Budokai series. Hell we'll even play the Budokai Tenkaichi series. The main point is that I rarely play games with multiplayer so Motorstorm works just fine for me and is a blast to play. Hell I got it from a Gamestop for 35 used, so the price was most definitely right.

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