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Game Over Online: "What is genuinely surprising and impressive is that Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation really feels like a proper Assassin’s Creed game, and may even play better than the original. The platforming and free running feel impressively smooth, and combat is as fun as ever, even if it’s not as finely-tuned as more recent console entries. For me, the biggest problem with Liberation is the story; it felt underdeveloped and stands as a missed opportunity. Despite that shortcoming, and a few technical issues aside, I really enjoyed being able to take what is essentially a full-fledged Assassin’s Creed game on the road with me. While not essential to the canon, this game is worth playing for anyone who is a fan of the series."

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shivvy242005d ago

great review , (not aimed at this review) = i really dont like how reviewers are comparing this game to the console version i mean cmon its a handheld

abzdine2005d ago

i heard it's better and more interesting than AC3

rpd1232005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

It's not. The story is disjointed and hard to follow. AC3's story blows it out of the water. Aveline isn't as good a character as Connor. And the game doesn't have naval battles or nearly as many side missions. Homestead missions in AC3 were actually a lot of fun and made me care about the Homestead. It's also glitchier than AC3.

NukaCola2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

This game is wonderful. The story and dialog is great. The gameplay is fun and fluid. The exploration and amount of stuff to is excellent. This is where that all stops.

I have been hit by the "Game Save Glitch" and It crashed on me after Sequences 6 and then again after replaying everything, sequence 4. I called Ubi and apparently they are working on it, but until then, I am not playing this from start again.

It's such a shame. This is my favorite AC game next to AC2, but with all the little issue it has, this one is too major and has ruined the game for me as of now. I do hope they finish it because I really want to finish this game. But it needs a huge patch soon. So if you have a Vita, wait until UBI fixes this and get this. This is (was or well.. will be) my favorite Vita once they unf**k the game they should of tested.

Broken so I can't give it a fair score, but if it were fixed, I would of called it GOTY contender.

KUV19772005d ago

From the amount of people that have that glitch it almost seems a certainty taht one would get it. I finished the story luckily before it all went down the drain. Unfortunately I enjoyed running around and doing side quests and collectibles more that the story. For me it happened after I unlocked a special costume when I had a set of collectibles complete. Since that seems to be the moment for a lot of people I suggest collecting all but the last item of a set until a patch is out. Unfortunately UBI knows about this for well over 2 weeks now and nothing has happened.

NukaCola2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

The first time it was when I unlocked the special Lady guise, the second was when I unlocked a special assassin guise. I dont get it. It's so upsetting since this game is so amazing. This glitch ruins the experience for me. I think I should just replay it (for a third time) and beat the story and not try to collect anything, because that is what is killing it I think. I thought this was going to be my first Vita platinum, but now...I want them to fix it, or just return it.

SonyStyled2005d ago

good to kno it hasnt been fixed yet. i was right about to ask that

Donnieboi2003d ago

How long does it take to beat liberation?

DrDeath2005d ago

I beat the campaign, Got all alligator eggs, all vantage points, all citizen e's, almost all side missions except the pirate race one it's pissing me off! And no save glitch yet. I heard it has something to do with a specific costume or something

NukaCola2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

In my opinion. Get the eggs, pages, and the statues first (all different trophies. Then do the side missions for those 4 trophies. The trophy for collected all persona items is the one that has the issue. There is a collectable for each character and once you complete unlocks their special guise which does this.

First time was when I got all the charm gems, the second was the coins. I think the best way to do it is get everything from everywhere except in new orleans...(save one of each for last there minus the slave's items) then get the last one from the slave, go to new orleans and get the last of the other two and dont save it. in between. Also recommend cloud saving your game as often as possible if your a PS+ member. I hope Ubi fixes this soon. This will be my 3rd time playing. My activities list registers everything on the Vita for Liberation. I've collected like 30 alligator eggs over all and obtained over 100 ecu as it notes whatever I am doing regardless of the game save or trophies. Pretty cool features btw.