Microsoft: "We're no longer just competing with console companies"

Microsoft's VP of the Interactive Entertainment Business, Phil Harrison, has acknowledged that the company's internal development studios are no longer competing with just traditional console manufacturers, but web and tech companies including Google and Apple.

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NYC_Gamer1945d ago

MS is correct all companies will have to adapt to the changing gaming industry

LOGICWINS1945d ago

"Microsoft: "We're no longer just competing with console companies"

Microsoft has never JUST been competing with console companies. People forget that MS has ALWAYS made most of their money on selling their Windows OS..even before the first Xbox.

Locksus1945d ago

Who would disagree with you? You are absolutely correct. Microsoft has competed with Apple for many years now.

1945d ago
HardCover1945d ago

Dude bro. This wasn't the entirety of Microsoft speaking. Read the article. Get the context. Don't be so foolish. I mean, it even says it RIGHT under the title. The title is just a title. It's not what you should be judging the content on.

Anon19741945d ago

"People forget that MS has ALWAYS made most of their money on selling their Windows OS."

Really? You really think somewhere, someone forgot that?

As for Phil's comments regarding Microsoft's competition, this might have been a revelation 5 years ago but to make a statement like this today, you might just as well pulled that headline from the pages of "No Duh" magazine.

"We now have to develop on multiple platforms..."
I should frickn hope so. I don't want to seem like I'm harping on Phil Harrison, I've got nothing but respect for the guy but to me that's just such an odd statement to make. It's like he's trying to clear up confusion regarding an argument no one actually had.

Vames1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

This is has to do with gaming and the Xbox, not all of Microsft. There is an old saying, "one fool makes many." You have just made 19 others dude.

nukeitall1945d ago


In case you didn't notice, most other console manufactures seem to think they are only in the video game business.

That is a sure way to kill your business.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

yup.. They seem very proud of this.
"Xbox now used more for online entertainment than online gaming"

I just wonder if xbox will become just a media box and not seen as a game console in the future.

Now I can see this being true when people say "Consoles are going away" That maybe half true. Console are now everything for everyone in a box.

All 720 needs now is a lil fridge to keep your beer cool.

Lets see what happens when they try to do many many things at the same time & compete with other companies(mainly apple).

Meanwhile on the dark side...

Just observing the industry.

seriously I like games.. I want a game console.

@ below..
I understand. :(

Not to be a fanboy but I really like the direction sony is going in. Sure they need to have more than games but they keep the people who buy the console from ps1 - ps3 first. In the end they will be their when the trends rise and fall.

LOGICWINS1945d ago

The market for online media entertainment is bigger than the online gaming market. Naturally, MS will want to focus their strengths on the bigger market while at the same time cater to the meathead 360 gamers that buy COD/Halo + one or two sports games and buy NOTHING else during the year.

Thats why they're successful, they know what the majority wants and they deliver.

rainslacker1945d ago

If it does it will be exactly what MS set out to achieve with the first Xbox. Their sites were always on being the center of the living room, and at the time of the first Xbox, gaming was their ticket in. On the plus side for them it allowed them to tap into the lucrative gaming market which was being dominated by Sony at the time.

They've come a long way since then when it comes to gaming, but their sites were never on how to be the king of the console market. Just on how to get everyone using their products in every aspect of their life.

Since they started early enough they have their foot in the door, which will only make it harder for other media devices(non-gaming ones) to make their way into the market.

AngelicIceDiamond1945d ago

MS hasn't directly competed with Sony for sometime now. Maybe with stuff like games content first on Xbox and big exclusive games like Halo but everything else MS been gunning for other companies. Apple more than anybody.

NeverEnding19891945d ago

Until SONY can get out of its near junk credit rating they're really only competing against themselves to stay afloat.

Pillsbury11945d ago

Stop with your fanboy hate, the game division is making money.

NeverEnding19891945d ago

Unless the gaming division can cover SONY's enormous debt, it is irrelevant. If SONY goes under the gaming division goes with it.

Stop the fanboy rationalizations.

nukeitall1945d ago


You are absolutely right. Sony is in a very sh!tty situation. Products ain't selling, your bonds are worth very little and you don't have much products to propel you out of that downward spiral.

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StraightedgeSES1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

Haven't they always competed with other companies beside consoles?

donniebaseball1945d ago

Not really. Nintendo doesn't consider itself in competition with iPads and whatnot.

Locksus1945d ago

Sorry, but what does Nintendo have to do with this article? Did you happen to mean MS, by any chance? ;)

StraightedgeSES1945d ago

I read the title wrong that why I brought up Nintendo.

fatstarr1945d ago

shits getting serious in the real world.
hopefully this doesnt end up like a tv show and we get stupid alliances forming -_-

BitbyDeath1945d ago

Bit mis-leading as he is referring to other products they sell like Windows 8, Surface and mobiles.

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