PlanetSide 2 plagued by G37 login error [UPDATED]

In the last 24 hours since the game launched, many PlanetSide 2 users have been blocked from playing the free-to-play MMOFPS.

In their cases, whether launching from the Launchpad or Steam, they'd get either 15% or 98% loaded, before the game crashes and the players are treated to this page.

[UPDATE: Forums are now down as well.]


Forums are back up.

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chasegarcia2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

removing the gamepad from pc fixed some issues with ps2.

I cannot get Vsync on. game crashes.

SecretPsycho2011d ago

I did get stuck at the 98% part for awhile a few times....never crashed though or anything :3

Dovahkiin2011d ago

Only problem I'm having is a rare graphical problem where everything disappears and flickers back, every time i look around. It's annoying but fixes itself within a minute or so.