Why Molyneux is Wrong About Games Failing to Become a True Entertainment Platform

STP: Game developer Peter Molyneux recently said something interesting, as Peter Molyneux is wont to do. At the Montreal International Game Summit earlier this week, he talked about the enormous success of 22Cans’ new app, Curiosity, but more intriguingly, he suggested that games have failed to become “another true entertainment form.”

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Godmars2901945d ago

The way he does it - overstating and promising in interviews not withstanding - it certainly isn't.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1945d ago

I think he has a dream to be some super dev. He should make good game a go sit somewhere and be glad.

SilentNegotiator1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

He thinks unreasonably big. Acorns growing into trees, people wasting days tapping a phone to uncover crap (and only ONE person will ever see the inside, and it may never even be shared, so who cares?)...this guy underestimates the weight of OUR time and HIS (team's) time.

KwietStorm1945d ago

Isn't Molyneux a little old to go on a hipster binge?

RXL1945d ago

he's a little too old before he was a little too old..

true hipster..

showtimefolks1945d ago

this guy has always over sold the value only to deliver less. make a excellent game that you promise to make than talk

TacoTaru1945d ago

Maybe he is saying that he has failed to make entertaining games?

mochachino1944d ago

Molyneaux really should just start a PR company instead of being a game developer.