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Xbox 360 4 GB Kinect Nike+ System Bundle Out On December 4th

Even with all the different Xbox 360 system bundles currently available in stores, Microsoft is adding yet another one on December 4th. (Nike Plus Kinect Training, Xbox 360)

Relientk77  +   511d ago
Interesting I wonder how this bundle will sell
TrendyGamers  +   511d ago
If it doesn't get a discount, probably not very well.
guitarded77  +   511d ago
Yeah, it's such a niche market. I don't doubt the Nike trainer could be cool, but this bundle is clearly marketed toward people wanting to use the XBOX as a fitness device.
BringingTheThunder  +   511d ago
this is like the tenth 360 bundle you can buy!
Relientk77  +   511d ago
I think its honestly more than 10 lol
darkride66  +   511d ago
It's consumer choice. If people don't want it, they won't buy it and another bundle will take it's place. I don't see any issue with multiple bundles. However, I'm not a store owner. There's only so much shelf space and I'm glad I don't have to decide what goes where.
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wait for the Xbox/MS surface bundle.

I swear a simple xbox/4 controller bundle would do great.
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