Microsoft-backed HD DVD snubbed; Microsoft PR response

HD DVD, the high-definition video format Microsoft was backing, felt four possibly fatal blows last week.

So where does that leave Microsoft, which sells a $130 add-on HD DVD player for its Xbox 360? What about the possibility of switching to a Blu-ray player as an add-on?

The Seattle Times asked a spokeswoman with the PR firm that handles Xbox for comment on Microsoft's plans if HD DVD should officially bite the dust. The company responded with an e-mail on Friday.

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Kaz Hirai3654d ago

Then again, you're probably all too fat to jump.


ICUP3654d ago

XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! and bubble 4 you.

Mr Playboy3654d ago

May I have your autograph Mr. Kaz?


MURKERR3654d ago

ahh now we want bluray external drive what a joke you fickle bunch

your games will still be dvd9 360 is an xbox 1.5

gnothe13654d ago

just like you blu ray player an PS2.1 because 360 GAMES still run better than PS2.1 games

nix3654d ago

man.. that's the first time i've heard someone say PS2.1. did you come up with it...? because it sucks!

BrianC62343654d ago

Gnothe1 is lame. His posts make no sense. Everyone make him shut up. Take bubbles away.

360_Rules3654d ago

Least the 360 DVD drive isn't slow as the Blu-Ray drive in the PS3. LOL enjoy installing more games in the future because it's just not going to be Capcom games that are going to require you do that. Hahahhahahahaa Suckers!

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Cyan83133654d ago

Who gives a hoot ? MS will ofcourse put out a blue-ray player in a while. They didn't know wich would win when they released x360 so they didn't chose one then. The HD-DVD addon was not really comsumer friendly and not many bought it tbh.

Well I would like to see the next gen of 360 with a blue-ray player and then they could release games like Lost Odyssey/Blue Dragon special editions on blue-ray fex.

Bolts3654d ago

LOL!! You made it sound like they planned to switch to Bluray all along.

mistertwoturbo3654d ago

Interesting, I thought XBOX360 people said Blu-Ray wasn't necessary for gaming? So why would Lost Odyssey or Blue Dragon have a special edition on one disc?

Bladestar3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

@mistertwoturbo - hehe.. it's not... addon will be used only for movies. 98% of all games come in 1 disc... also, I played Lost Odyssey for over 18 hours and yet on the first disc... I probably change the game like 10 times to play other games.. so why would I have a problem to do it one more time for LO?

Don't you know what the word "NEED" means? it means required... and I don't need Blu-ray to play this game... ohh yeah and so you know... Lost Oddesey would require more than one blu-ray player since Sony has not approve more than 25GB games... and lost oddesy is more than 25GB.... it's true that sony may increase the cap to 50GB but that's yet to happen... and yeah... but how long will the install be when smaller games like DMC "Require", NEED!; noticed I said "need"? because unlike the way you use the word "need" you cannot play the game without installing the game in your hard drive for 25 minutes and using 5GB of memory.. can you imagine what will be require for games that need 50GB? 10GB? 1 hour?

but... but.. there are games on the PS3 that does not require installation or hard drive space.....

uhh.. but but .. there are games on the xbox 360 (Mass Effect, Obvlibion, etc) that are bigger but fit in 1 DVD disc?

hehehe.. aren't we even?

I hope you understand the difference; it would be nice to have games in 1 disc... that's not a need.

You NEED a 5GB of hard drive and 25 minutes before you can play games...

lol.. as of today there are more PS3 games that require hard drive space and installation that games on the xbox 360 that require more than 1 disc.

Keyser3654d ago

games should still be on cd.

You're kidding right?

Vertius3654d ago

Good job, Bladestar! Use the examples of PS3 games from a single publisher. That gives a great overview of the whole situation! :D

Yes, there are games that work with one disc on the 360. But there are also games that need four.

Yes, there are games on the PS3 that have 5GB installs. But there are also games that don't require them.

So, as you say, "aren't we even?" No. I can delete installs. You can't merge four discs into one.

Bladestar3654d ago

"Good job, Bladestar! Use the examples of PS3 games from a single publisher." lol... funny... but you are doing the same... you are talking about the only 2 games that come in more than one disc and also published by the same publisher...

" No. I can delete installs. You can't merge four discs into one" lol... interesting logic... you see.. if you don't delete content then you can't play the game... but the game can be in 10 discs and I can still play them... the only argument that you can possibly have is that multiple disc is last gen... but there is plenty of content that comes in multiple disc ... computer programs, movies, games, etc... and people survive and are able to play, run the programs and games.... but you are require to install the game on the PS3 and have enough room for it... 2 different things.. just because lord of the ring may come in more than 1 disc it does not mean is a bad movie... you can argue against that... gamers on all platform are used to playing games that comes in multiple discs... but this is the first time a game console requires games install to play them...

You call that next gen? That's like creating a car that can fly but that you need to fill the fuel tank every 20 miles... yeah... how far can you go? You see... there is an obvious limitation and anyone smart enough would see it. You just don't improve capacity you must also improve the speed needed to transfer that data... you don't find it odd than even on DVD which only have 9GB loading is a problem for some games? don't think that 25GB would be also a problem reading a the same or slower speed than DVD? It does not make sense to many of you that blu-ray should be at least 3 times than the xbox 360 drive? 36X DVD? Obviously this is not a problem for movies since they don't that much reading speed... but games? This is the same issue that the PS2 had... do you have any idea how fast PS2 games would load if it had a 12X DVD drive insdead of 4X? well? Who knows maybe Sony added some super advance nano technology that they can upgrade the hardware speed on the PS3 via download... this is why the installation requirement.... PS3 games currently do not reach 25GB... games like Resistance use redundant data (data store in multiple places of the disc) to improve reading speed... due to drive speed limitation... but you can only do so much of this... do you know why RPM is important in hard drives? do you know why RPM is more expensive than space in hard drives? Sony got the space covered with the PS3.. but not the speed (loading)... can you imagine the load or install require for a game that uses 100GB?

Kleptic3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

the similarities between what is happening currently...and what people said about the DC vs. PS2 are unbelievable...yet people still continue to chime in, thinking this time around...things are different...

the DC used a proprietary type of CD-Rom, of which held around 300mb more than a regular PS1/Saturn CD...and the PS2 had access to DVD, which brings the ratio between those two systems...and the PS3 vs. 360 near equal...

the DVD drive drove up production costs of the initial wave of PS2' was about twice the cost of a Sega dreamcast...Sega fanatics droned on for about a year, claiming "dvd was not needed for gaming"...that it was a total waste of everyone's time...and look at you people now...

Bladestar...its reaching the point where claiming BRD is not needed for gaming holds as much wait as saying console games do not 'need' online support...they don't 'need' it...but it doesn't hurt anything...the PS3 has a standard drive that completely negates any read speed issues developers run into...a serial HDD connection is significantly faster than either system's optical drives...the price of production has fallen drastically, to the point where Sony is in a position to easily match any price cuts that MS can make (and is arguably in a better position for price cuts entirely)...your comparison of the PS3's BD drive speed being 'too low', is outdone by the HDD...and this 'install' crap is getting out of hand...there are 3 games, 2 of which are not even released yet, that require an install...2 of those 3 are made by Capcom...every other developer has managed to either cache it in the background, or like UT3, give an option for it (the option creates texture streaming speeds that a 360 couldn't dream of) yeah...its stupid going back and fourth like this...3 games require an install on the ps3...and like 2 games come on more than 1 DVD currently for the 360...You are arguing these facts like DVD is better...when in reality, it isn't...and you know it...BD isn't the greatest thing to ever come to gaming, but it definitely is far from a step you put it...

you are sitting on the verge of a last chance to admit defeat...BD isn't 'needed' for gaming any more than any other addition to the industry...but it moves it helps on every level, and doesn't hurt anything...5 years from now you will be looking back on posts like this and be surprised by how ridiculous you sound, as well as your fellow fanatics...

Willio3653d ago

Your acting as if installing a game of twenty minutes to maybe an hour in the future is the end of your life. The time u spent on this website has been more time consuming. As for the games you mentioned, Mass Effect and Oblivion had crappy framerates but thats the developers fault.

Vertius3653d ago

My point is, that only people like you, Bladestar, who simply want to bash the console, find this a problem. Why are you complaining when it doesn't affect you?

Besides, do you really think a 100GB game will come out? If that becomes a neccessity, MS would definitely have a problem. It won't, though.

Capcom are only doing installs because they want the best possible performance out of their games. They could run from the Blu-Ray if they wanted to, (and they should give a choice, to shut you up), but they want near-instant loading times, and that's the way they're operating.

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sonyfanonly3654d ago

thats the first to go next is the destruction of the 360 and sonys wins again - i dont count nintendo in this fight they have always had their loyal fanboys so uh to them

BrianC62343654d ago

I don't count Nintendo either. This is a next-gen war. The Wii is last-gen. The 360 is a next-gen console at least. It's just not a very good one. Poor quality and a mediocre DVD drive hold it back. Sony wins again. What do you expect though? Sony makes great electronics. Microsoft? They make buggy software.

CrazedFiend3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

"Microsoft's plans for HD DVD won't change as long as they continue to see strong consumer interest and their partners remain committed. Sales of HD DVD players have remained brisk and there is a healthy catalog of more than 400 HD DVD titles offered at retail,"

Partners stay committed!? HA!

She's obviously been spending the past couple of weeks on vacation with the cast of LOST.

Let's see if that "healthy" catalog gets any healthier (^o^)b

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