PEGI: 'Dumping us is a big mistake'

The Interactive Software Federation of Europe has fired out a worrying warning to Gordon Brown – labelling any move to drop its PEGI ratings in the wake of Dr. Tanya Byron's inquiry a 'mistake' and a 'backwards step' for the UK.

ISFE director general Patrice Chazerand told MCV that the body's own research shows that the current PEGI/BBFC shared system is trusted and understood by parents – in stark contrast to the findings of Dr. Byron's Review.

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PirateThom3686d ago

The PEGI system is kind of pointless in that it's more a recommendation than anything and that anyone can buy games rated 18+ on PEGI ratings. It covers Europe, so it's not binding in any way, just to act as a guide to game content.

The BBFC system for 12, 15 and 18 means only people above those ages can buy the games and it's illegal for stores to sell them to anyone below that age.

Dark_Overlord3686d ago

that f*cking idiot Gordon Brown tries to f*ck everything up, the bloke is a moron who is single handedly destroying this country, he does not care what the people want only his own selfish ambitions. He should not even be running this country as he was NEVER voted in.

Shadow Flare3686d ago

you're supposed to make comments like that in the 'Who gives a crap Zone'

Yi-Long3686d ago

... they can put 18+ on a game all they want, but if me and my kid wanna play GTA4, we're gonna play GTA4.

I've taught him values, morals, respect, etc etc.
I've taught him the difference between make-belief and reality.
I've taught him how to treat others, and behave well.

...and I continue teaching him that stuff, by living it, and demanding it.

Videogames do not cause violence, hate, disrespect, etc. Bad parenting does.

LastDance3686d ago

Thats a very smart mature way to be living life sir.

Scenarist3686d ago

Agreed ....bubbles for you .

Man is too diverse and each has its own class of perceptions for things.

Mine is similiar to yours but the only things that i can see that should be rated are very scary movies, and scary doesnt mean violent.

Something that would literally make your child have nightmares and mess with thier heads should be rated everything else is a matter of parental guidance and learned perception of reality IMO.

everyone has acted like a cool character bad or good but how many of those people who actually play violent games Dont know what right and wrong is or what the law is for that matter. same with movies

for a spin tho that I wont really cover is that there are some fawked up people out there and a game or a movie wont make or break thier decision to cause malice but a game or movie can expand thier narrow ideas and allow their small minds to copy what they see and cause greater harm

i can go on and on .......bubbles for you

zonetrooper53686d ago

I've visited the BBFC many times before, its great in there btw. I've been in their cinema with the leather seats etc and they show the newest movies just before they come out on a Thursday.

Frankly the BBFC rating system is good enough and clear enough, U, PG, 12, 15, 18. PEGI added 3+, 7+, 12+, 16+ and 18+ which in my view is so pointless, I admit the symbols do inform you more about the game's content such as swearing, drugs, violence etc.

Hell I played GTA and most of the people in my school played it when they were 12 years old.