Clarification: YouTube a part of Spore

Maxis has confirmed to Eurogamer that YouTube will form an integral part of Spore.

"YouTube will be integrated in the game - so you can film your creature dancing, for example, and export it to YouTube," the developer told Eurogamer.

It clears up some confusion left by Maxis last week: some felt it was simply mentioned as an example of a place to upload your videos rather than being directly integrated in the game.

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MK_Red3687d ago

As if Spore wasn't already too huge and ambitious.

coolfool3687d ago

that thinks this sounds like a complete pile of rubbish?

I mean really, who is going to care what dance someones creature does?

RealityCheck3687d ago

Given your icon picture, I couldn't resist the following comment:

- you are right, nobody will really care; it's just a marketing ploy called "jumping on the bandwagon" of something more popular to try to get attention and free marketing

coolfool3687d ago

and yes, i think Calvin would be right....