Phun Little Big Planet warmup

Geekpulp has posted the perfect warmup to Little Big Planet. It is a program called Phun which is a 2d physics based application that you can download for free.

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decapitator3686d ago

God. This look so freaking awesome. Look at the physics in play. I hope there is water in LBP, that would be so awesome. This game has been on my radar since it's unveiling and it seem to just move up even further with each unveiling. DO WANT!!!

MK_Red3686d ago

I saw the vid of Phun on GT few hours ago. The game looks really cool and a whole lot better than Spielberg's Wii exclusive Boom Blox.

ravinash3686d ago

Wow! I hope you can do as much in LBP as you can in there, it'll be a lot of fun just getting things to work.

sa_nick3686d ago

Sweet, I've seen a few videos of Phun over the last couple of months but didn't know it was publicly available. Should be cool to mess around with.

And I thought I was gonna have an early night...

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