WII U: Nintendo 'Shouldn't Compete With Sony & Microsoft' - Analyst

NowGamer: "Nintendo should focus on its own identity for the Wii U if it's to succeed, says Jesse Divnich."

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PrivateRyan1261d ago

Well, no. Of course not. They should focus on NINTENDO games.

Anon19741261d ago

I think Nintendo did a great job with the Wii carving out their own corner of the market and I don't see how the Wii U is differing it's strategy at all. It'll still primarily be a console marketed towards a younger demographic and families. It's something Nintendo excels at, but there will always be overlap with core gamers, and catering to them isn't necessarily taking on Sony or Microsoft directly for core gamers.

I've often found Divinch's comments a bit hit and miss, and this is a miss for me. "The problem is that gamers don't want a core experience on the Wii U." That's ridiculous to me. The people who don't tend to be drawn to core games probably won't even realize the Wii-U also offers a core gaming experience, because that's not where their focus will be. They'll be too busy with games that appeal to them to care what the hell Bayonetta is, for example. It's like saying people will be turned off DVD players because there are too many R-rated movies available. His argument to me just seems baseless.

darthv721261d ago

is a two way street. We as consumers feel that competition is between one company or product and another. That is a very general definition but only one way to define it.

Competition can also be within a company and one product against another not just about one company vs another.

For example, a car company has many lines and basically they compete with themselves to sell aside from competing with other car company lines. Ford vs chevy but then you have chevy corvette vs chevy camaro.

So in nintendo (and sony) they have a popular product on the market that they have to compete against. Sony's biggest competition was themselves and the continued sales of the ps2 when the ps3 came out. In some countries...they still compete.

You have to figure a company will want to make the most return on their latest and greatest. Even though there are continued sales of other products within that same company, each sale represents a lost sale of their latest and greatest.

Nintendo going up against sony and MS...that is how WE see it but to Nintendo its them againt them. Wii vs wii-u. How do they get consumers to change up to their newest release instead of continue to purchaser the later. One way was what was revealed yesterday. Stop development of software/hardware of the later and focus all efforts on the newer.

Its a risky move and one that MS pretty much had no other option when looking at xbox vs 360 but it worked for MS. Will it work for nintendo?

Jury is still out on that.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1261d ago

and third party games. Remember the wii?

neogeo1261d ago

Check this new game company out. I think they will fail.

Jadedz1261d ago

It's for the best. Sega went down that path, and it didn't workout well for them.

All I want for Nintendo is to "keep up" with the competition (equally supported 3rd party software), the other two gaming manufacturers can compete over spec supremacy.

NYC_Gamer1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Nintendo will go their own route with Wii-U..It's doubtful that Ninty could compete with Sony/MS when it comes to third party support..The Wii-U is limited in certain areas and that could do harm for future multi-plat software.

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