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Submitted by r4ndomalex 1173d ago | article

Square Enix PC Ports will Melt your Face

thumbACTIVE take a look at four incredible Square Enix PC ports that'll push your systems to the limit, including the beautiful looking Hitman: Absolution. (Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Hitman: Absolution, Just Cause 2, PC, Sleeping Dogs)

taquito  +   1173d ago
stop saying ports to pc

All games are made on pc and PORTED TO console!

games are created, crafted, designed, coded, scripted and entirely build on pc and then PORTED to console

even console exculsives are made on a gaming rig, then shrunk down to work on consoles, thats why devs always have those nice screenshots to show you months before release and then the game comes out on console and looks nothing like the up-rezzed, highly anti aliasied screens of the pc shots they showed

that is why, when there is a pc version, it is always far superior

sleeping dogs and hitman absolution are perfect examples, the pc versions look two generations beyond the console versions
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blue_cheese  +   1173d ago
u mad bro?
porkChop  +   1173d ago
You clearly know nothing about game development. That's really all that needs to be said.
LightofDarkness  +   1173d ago
They may be built on the PC, but they don't RUN on PCs. For instance, Naughty Dog commented on running Uncharted on a PC and it just crawled. That's because Uncharted is BUILT to be run on a PS3. It is built to specifically make use of the Cell + RSX + 256mb XDR system and to interact with PS3 specific libraries (the OGL derived graphics API etc.) They are compiled onto a development unit and tested/played there. The dev units often have higher specs than the target machine to allow for greater debugging functionality, which sometimes allows them to take higher detail screenshots (the game might be running at 5fps in these cases, even).
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SephirothX21  +   1172d ago
Made on pc and made for pc are two very different things. The code could run on pc first but not be optimised for pc first.
specialguest  +   1172d ago
far superior? really now?
How do you explain the lackluster Dark Souls PC port?
ATi_Elite  +   1172d ago
Square Enix PC Ports will Melt your Face
Blah ha ha hahh hah ha.....I can't stop Laughing!

Now Just Cause 2 does look really awesome and the 2000 player MP is fantastic! Very detailed and bright graphics. NICE!

But as far as Melting my face.....NO! Only High Texture mods, Metro 2033PC, and BF3PC are the only games to have melted my face in a awhile!

Don't even mention SLeeping Dogs cause GTAIV w/ Icemod totally KILLS it!

Note to Square Enix: It's one thing to make a Nice port to PC but it's a GREATER thing when you just make a good PC Game!
LordLaguz  +   1173d ago
Normally i would say its a lie and laugh, but i heard sleeping dogs has a great PC version, so i will give them a chance.
porkChop  +   1173d ago
I have it for PC. It was flawless. Definitely the best looking open world game on PC, it's beautiful, the controls were fluid and worked well, performance was butter smooth with everything maxed, lot of options and customization. I gotta say, UFG did a much better job with SD than a lot of high profile studios do with PC exclusives. And the game itself was amazing, I think it 1-ups GTA in a lot of ways.
TooTall19  +   1173d ago
I was also very impressed with the PS3 version. UFG did a great job all around.
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Eyesoftheraven  +   1173d ago
The closest thing to what I'd imagine the minimum of what next gen should look like has been the Watch Dogs sequence and Star Wars 1313 at E3.

Running i7-3930k, 16Gb DDR3 @ 1866, 240Gb SSD, 3TB @ 7200rpm drive, 4tb 7200rpm drives in raid-o, Overclocked Radeon 7970 in my gaming rig. Hitman Absolution looks great, runs well enough, but still looks based around current generation limitations.
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Qrphe  +   1173d ago
I think so too. Although current consoles could never reach the graphical depth of the ports mentioned in the article they're still PS360 consoles games rendered in high settings.
A game like Uncharted or Gears of War even if running at 720p still has more technical depth than a game like Kingdom Hearts rendered at 1080p with crazy AA. Hell, even DMC4 on PC, when rendered to the lowest settings at 480p, STILL has more technical depth than any PS2 game on high settings.

I honestly don't believe we should get the other two consoles until they can give us something like the E3 next-gen demos which truly showed what the next generation should be like (I don't care if I have to wait till 2014 or even 2015).
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annus  +   1173d ago
It's nice to see PC multiplat games actually showing potential now. Although I'm sure in another 2 or 3 years devs will forget about PC gamers and make crappy ports again.
Eldyraen  +   1173d ago
I actually agreed although I'm also disagreeing with you in part. "Crappy" ports probably won't be near as bad as the beginning of this generation but I do think for the first few years of next gen consoles the differences won't be quite as pronounced as they are now. Part of that though is rumor of dx11 support so PC advantage won't be as clear until new tech comes out again.

Granted I could be wrong and as a PC gamer I'm more than willing for a Dev to make me eat my own words and truly push current and future hardware to their limits ;)
PersonMan  +   1171d ago
Hitman looks the same on PS3 as that screenshot. Higher res textures aside, it doesn't look much different.

I never really understood why textures are so important to the PC crowd. I wanna see more advanced lighting, ray-tracing, better reflections, real-time shadows, moving clouds (Assassin's creed 3), better animations, better faces...... Textures and resolution do NOT make a game look like next-gen to me. It just makes it look like a cleaner image of a current gen game.

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