RealSG | Review: 'ZombiU' - Survival Horror At Its Finest

Anthony Accinelli writes, "ZombiU is a must own game for any Wii U owner. As for the negative reviews out there, I'm here to set the record straight."

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Jadedz2010d ago

Yet they don't seem inclined to accept Zombiu as a true survival horror title.

Where's the buffer zone?

GillHarrison2010d ago

The game is awesome in concept, but I feel the execution is a little poor. The control input seems a little slow and the game is really just constant melee fest. Online features like players dropping into your world ala Dark Souls would make this game addicting. I'm sure a sequel will fare way better.

wastedcells2010d ago

So now that you guys have had time with it a buy or pass?

for we are many2009d ago

Definite Buy bro. especially if you love survival horror themes and zombie cinema and TV.