CGM Reviews: Far Cry 3

You'd have to be insane not to appreciate the amazing visuals, diverse gameplay, and the stunning amount of content found in Ubisoft'sFar Cry 3.

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showtimefolks2007d ago

i am glad farcry is back because far cry 2 was a dull/boring game. this by just looking at the videos seems a lot more fun if nothing else.

i hope the single player is long and not just 8-10 hrs.

Gillonz2007d ago

Dont worry about game length, gametrailers said in their review they got 25-30 hours out of the story and still had side missions and things to do.

showtimefolks2007d ago

thanks can't wait. i was just watching ign's review and the guy said its the best open world story he has played i think for 2012.

can't wait to get it

Loki862007d ago

He said the best open world story he has EVER played, I am officially back on hype wagon for this game.

2007d ago
seanpitt232007d ago

Good scores alround already got my copy preordered

2007d ago
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