Classic SEGA Fighting Games Coming to Consoles Soon

SEGA has just announced that they are going to be bringing three of their old school fighting games to modern consoles. Additionally they will be fully upgraded for online multiplayer support as well as achievements/trophies. The three games will include Virtua Fighter 2, Fighting Vipers,and Sonic the Fighters.

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Tetsujin1974d ago

Please add Fighters Megamix

Godmars2901974d ago

What about the Panzer Dragoon series?

wishingW3L1974d ago

so many Sega re-release and still no Shenmue or Shining Force III anywhere!

IQUITN4G1974d ago

Eventually we'll get Panzer series. More unlikely is Burning Rangers but I'd love to play that again

KrisButtar1974d ago

i would like the shining force games, has sega released any new IP's lately, all i have seen is them re-releasing all there classics from years ago, like sega discounts on xbl and psn, etc.

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