CVG:Far Cry 3 review: Stunning shooter could be the year's best game

CVG:Go!" the native islander says to you. "Return to me once you have mastered the jungle." "Wait, what does that mean?" Jason Brody replies. It means, as you'll soon discover, 25 hours of death-rolling in a crocodile's maw and impaling unstable mercenaries with a sniper-sights-equipped bow and arrow.

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Walker1280d ago

Game of the Year, for sure !

Knight_Crawler1280d ago

The Call of Duty fans do agree with your commment LOL.

This is my GOTY no matter what other websites think.

jony_dols1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

Looks & sounds amazing. The only detraction I've read in any of the reviews seem to be about the game's slightly unoriginal but perfectly adequate multi-player component (which includes a MP map-editor on all platforms, may I add).

I had initially feared that Ubisoft had put this on the back-burner to make way for AC3, but Far Cry 3 has apparently risen to it's hype & surpassed it!

beerkeg1280d ago

Looks like we have a new GOTY contender.

jjb19811280d ago

Could be, I enjoyed far cry 2 but I never finished because it was waaaay too long.

pennywhyz1280d ago

Pc all the way on this 1.

grailly1280d ago

If i had a good pc, I would get it. I'm not to sure about getting it on console though. next-gen can't come soon enough.

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