IncGamers: Far Cry 3 Review

Tim McDonald ventures into Far Cry 3 in the latest review.

"In lieu of starting this article properly I’m just going to selectively quote my notes, which were written on the back of a receipt because the game amazed me so much I didn’t have time to find my notebook. That, or it’s because I’m unprofessional. Probably the latter.

“Physicality to everything.” “Great sound.” “VOICE ACTING! WRITING! VIRTUAL ACTING!” Yes, those are real notes. And yes, I occasionally write notes in full-caps with exclamation marks when I’m excited. Shut up."

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syrinx1979d ago

GOTY perhaps? I am starting to think so.

Elly1979d ago

Better than FC2 then. But as you said "drugs/murder/prostitutio n/domestic abuse/slavery/rape" just turn me off to it.