Review: Planetside 2 | Dualshockers

The original PlanetSide was an answer to a question many gamers have asked while playing shooters – why am I limited to only a few dozen people to shoot on this server? By throwing hundreds of players into the same area and forcing them to work together to kill one another, the original accomplished something unique in the MMO world, a working MMOFPS. It had it’s share of problems, but in general offered a unique and fun experience, attracting both MMO fans and shooter fans.

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ATi_Elite1257d ago

New Conglomerate 4 Life!

Planetside 2 is awesome! Download it and play's FREE!

TooTall191257d ago

Very fun game. All factions are pretty even.

Bolts1255d ago

This is a very critical review of a genre defining game, and not to mention the best free to play on the market.