Nintendo Wii leads video game industry revolution

There's a revolution going on in the video game industry.

The success of Nintendo's Wii is probably the most visible sign, but the industry upheaval extends beyond that. At its core, the revolution reflects a move away from costly, graphics-heavy games toward ones that are smaller and cheaper, and that put an emphasis on fun and new ways to play.

As with most revolutions, the one in the game industry offers some new possibilities, but it's also fraught with dangers.

San Francisco will be ground zero for the debate this week as industry workers and executives gather at the Game Developers Conference, starting today.

Meanwhile, signs of the revolution abound.

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wiizy3718d ago

what the wii is, is the the ultimate winner of this console war... fanboys and haters can hardly speak anymore without choking everytime sales figures comes out.. now some say it doesnt matter that they system of choice is badly losing.. and with the games coming in 08 its going to get worse... the wii is innovation and that spells winner.

permutated3718d ago

Like it or not, 95% of the games released on the Wii are garbage.

The fact that it's a cultural phenomenon (boosted by the possibilities of the unique control scheme) has made it a clear winner for Nintendo.

I don't see the popularity lasting long though, especially if they keep turning their backs on their hardcore followers like myself.

Getting tired of playing the same games over, and over, and over while they make awful new franchises to draw newbies in.


ItsDubC3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

And what percentage of the PS2's game library would you say is garbage?

A lot of ppl seem to dwell on the Wii's negative traits while completely ignoring similar traits of past consoles that have seen success.

I think it's ironic that many of the self-proclaimed "hardcore" gamers that shout about Nintendo turning its back on them and creating more casual games are the ones who turned their backs on Nintendo 1st, back when gamers made the PS1 more successful than the N64.

TheExodus3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

@permutated: Yes, but 100 percent of the garbage available on Wii was nothing more than a cash-in recompile of existing garbage available on PS2. It's not Wii that inspired a glut of sub-par titles, it was PS2.

PS360WII3718d ago

Okay so when Nintnedo uses Sonys tactic of shoving games out it's bad but not the other way around? Like ItsDubC says people focus in on the popular perception and not what the real perception is. PS1 and PS2 shows us that having too many crappy games is not a bad thing for if you have enough crap the good stuff will look even better. God of War, Ico, Dark Cloud, Final Fantasy would never be unless the 95% of crap wasn't released on the PS2 as well.

Harry1903718d ago

eyetoy?singstar?they were no revolution back then.
you hear lots of things these days.

KeiZka3718d ago

An addon to a system inequals a console based on motion sensing controlling. If they were to sell more than a handful of games that were to work with Eyetoy and actually support it, that could've been interesting. Now? Nahh...

OC Shock Value3718d ago

Nintendo is just winning..

Forget about all these dumb reports, and storys.. Focus your direct attention to the worldwide charts.. There before you will show the true answer.. Crazed fans of other consoles can down talk Nintendo as much as they can.. But like it or not.. The masses have spoken.. They want a Wii..

Have a good day gamers.. Good day

Harry1903718d ago

you're right.i can't argue.damn.
but wasn't i making a point on something else.
people forge some respected developer
pointed out,in this industry,there seems to
be an unfounded consensus on describing
everything that nintendo does as
great or revolutionary,even though they are
simply copying what others,
as to say that they don't do it well,is a simple
step that i won't take.

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