320° Toshiba denies HD DVD cancellation - for now reports that Toshiba, the driving force behind one side of the next generation DVD battle, has responded to press speculation over the weekend, and denied that any decision has been made on the future of HD DVD.

"The media reported that Toshiba will discontinue its HD DVD business. Toshiba has not made any announcement concerning this. Although Toshiba is currently assessing its business strategies, no decision has been made at this moment," read the statement in full.

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ktchong3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

Then their share prices will suffer.

Seems like their investors/shareholders want the management to stop wasting money and drop HD DVD as soon as possible.

Cyrus3653720d ago

Don't understand it myself, Reuters reports there shares will rise or has on the word they are going to give up, but now they are denying it (This isn't the only source reporting it either).

hardmetal3720d ago

Universal and Paramount jump over to blu-ray before Toshiba cancels hddvd. Once this happens, no one will need their declaration although I know how low important it is.

Mandangoof3720d ago

*For now

(Soon to be Microsoft's declaration.)

Mercutio3720d ago

Toshiba give it UP!
Sony : DO you give up?
Sony: DO you give up?

Toshiba: I give up ... I give up.....

Then when Sony's back is turned in coems toshiba with a flying jean-cluade van dammme stlyle kick.

Inspired by classical scene from Dragon The Bruce-lee Story (1993)