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Wii U launch: Reactions mixed, software already discounted

Games Industry: Reviewers are cautiously optimistic, while some retailers have actually discounted Wii U software. (Wii U)

metroid32  +   759d ago
This site just goes against everything that is confirmed in other words we know the wiiu is powerful as devs that have games in development have said so and we can see games like fifa13 with twice the texture resolution in graphics with better lighting ect stuff not possible on ps3/360 same with black ops2 and these games are running in 720p native 60fps with an additional 480p image on gamepad running at the same time makes the wiiu powerful end of,and with Gamestop saying the attach rate is about 2.5 thats twice/three times the ps3/360/wii with 1.2 million game sales already the wiiu is doing fine and with the launch games costing around a million or less to develop the wiiu having games discounted already means nothing as there are no blockbuster hits besides say ZombiU/SuperMarioU and say Fifa13/BO2 to be fair so games seing price cuts is a good thing.
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Flatbattery  +   759d ago
Aaaaaaand breathe!
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Axonometri  +   759d ago
HA! HA! Yeah! Thank you for an Thanksgiving laugh first thing in the morning.
metroid32  +   759d ago
This article is a joke the wiiu is selling well compared to all consoles before it and that's that retailers are doing deals on games because thats where the money is end of and they have 30 games to go at for day 1 if it was a weak launch like 8 games or so then there would be zero deals on games for a longer period of time END OF.
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MmaFan-Qc  +   759d ago
calm down, you dont have to yap until youre blue in the face only for a peice of plastic.
jmc8888  +   759d ago
It's called launching a console right before Black Friday (or what's now known as Black Friday week).

Retailers are doing that to get people in the door, not to sell units they don't think will sell.

They're giving up their profit, or even taking a loss so you'll buy your kid the G.I. Joe with the kung fu grip while there.
MegaLagann  +   759d ago
"Some retailers have actually discounted Wii U software."

What's Black Friday?
ZeekQuattro  +   759d ago
Did the author not realize that Black Friday is almost here? I mean with all the advertisements online and off its hard not to notice. Several retailers will also be offering discounts on Sony and Microsoft games both new and old. Some people will say anything for hits. I hate yellow journalism. It could of at least been funny.
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iamnsuperman  +   759d ago
He may not be from the US. I maybe wrong but it seems the website is not American which explains how he doesn't know. Obviously there isnt adverts for black friday here in the UK
Queasy  +   759d ago
Whoa Whoa Whoa. Are you telling me that retailers actually discount software to entice consumers to come buy said software and possibly also the console from their stores?

This is madness I tell you!
rainslacker  +   759d ago
Well madness and black Friday do go hand in hand.:)
jbgamer  +   759d ago
Considering that COD BO2 Mario Bros U, AC3, Nintendo land, and Zombie U will all more then likely sell 1 million copies by the end of the year, if that is doing bad, i would rather be doing bad then good. What a gigantic joke of an article.
dennett316  +   759d ago
It launched with 23 games, you don't think that some of the lesser titles may under perform? And as others have said, Black Friday approaches, and offers like this will persuade people to buy from their store over others.

Again, a nonsense headline designed to attract hits to an article that posts tons of baseless speculation and then immediately counters it in order to play it safe. They might as well say nothing.

Apparently, the awful price gouging on ebay that accompanied the Wii launch is a bad thing....Less people can get ripped off, that sure sucks for Nintendo. Please....what nonsense. The market is radically different now than in 2006, the financial situation is more dire for many, the hardware is more expensive and, for all the article writers know, could have been supplied in higher numbers than the Wii was.
black911  +   759d ago
The Wii U will flop. PS4 will destroy both the 720 and wii u
beerkeg  +   759d ago
More doom and gloom crap.
rainslacker  +   759d ago
In other news...AC3 is only $35 at Best Buy this weekend after only 2 weeks on the market...AC3 == fail I guess.

Also in other news this will be a busy weekend for retailers, upcoming holiday season has no effect on this.

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