Plant to pull HD DVD lines, not waiting for Toshiba announcement

The only indie multi-format high definition disc pressing plant, Blue Ray Technologies, will drop its HD DVD lines without waiting for the widely-reported and anticipated announcement of Toshiba's retreat from HD DVD.

"This is a victory for the consumers, who can now move in to the stunning high def disc world and build collections with confidence," said industry expert Erick Hansen, a DVD pioneer and chairman of Blue Ray Technologies. "Toshiba can take heart in that there is no shame: it was a battle well-fought and that they have several adaptable technologies and backup plans."

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wAtdaFck3654d ago

This is getting ridiculous. Toshiba = Shtupid

rofldings3654d ago

They're trying to sell as much crap as they can before they officially call it quits, so they don't have a football field of hd-dvd players, movies, etc being sent back to them, even if consumers get owned in the process :/

Bathyj3654d ago

Well they dont mince words do they?

Karebear3654d ago

With a name like Blue Ray Technologies who could have forseen them dropping their HDDVD line... hmmm.

resistance1003654d ago

Its probally more to do with the fact that both use blue laser tech.

bootsielon3654d ago

...for being so stupid into buying an HD-DVD player in the first place! That includes Xtards

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