Media Create hardware sales (11/12 – 11/18)

Media Create published the latest hardware sales from Japan.

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Neonridr1978d ago

The Vita outsold the PSP!! And the world rejoices!

Seriously, what game came out in Japan for the Vita that helped drive those sales? Is this because of Persona 4 or something?

SandWitch1978d ago

I think it is because of PS+ or some Japanese game that I don't know about. P4G is released in Japan for awhile already.

knifefight1978d ago

Here are the software charts.
(And hardware)

The highest selling Vita game was Assassin's Creed Liberation, but at only 24,000 units, no, that wasn't much of a system seller. It was the new red and blue colors.

Tewi-Inaba1978d ago

wow if this keeps up AC will have 1mil units sold its 1st month

Sanquine901978d ago

LOL only because of colours... I think if the vita get its killerapp ( SOUL SACRAFICE ) BABY! and more games it will skyrocket.. Vita needs games that is all:D

AWBrawler1978d ago

Yep and the usual crowd is ignoring the elephant in the room that is the 3DS

Sanquine901978d ago

Ps why do i not hear the so called journalists that there is an alltime low:P

Moonman1978d ago

3DS clearly has the holiday in the bag of japan.

Neonridr1978d ago

even Japan's numbers alone deems it a successful holiday for the 3DS regardless of how it does around the world. Add in the worldwide sales though, wow. It's raking in the numbers.

beerkeg1978d ago

Over 300k 3ds's sold in just 2 weeks in Japan. I wonder how it will do worldwide over Xmas.

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