Death of HD-DVD leaves way open for explosive PS3 sales in late 2008

An editorial from on how the impending cancellation of HD-DVD will affect PlayStation 3 sales towards the end of the year.

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Eamon3800d ago

But will that destroy game attatchent ratios?

ICUP3800d ago

They come for the blu-ray and stay for the games.

ravinash3800d ago

Some may buy a PS3 for the Blueray and that start playing the games, other may just keep it for the BlueRay....but if some of them do start playing games because of it....that can only be a good thing.
Don't forget, Attachment ratios are only a stat.

spandexxking3800d ago

all sony would have to do is make some "casual" games like they used to have on the ps2. i think then itl probably take off like the wii.

Kleptic3800d ago

did it hurt the PS2 generation?...arguably not...

the biggest thing is that its almost impossible to differentiate what percent of the install base is actually buying games only, buying movies and games, and buying only movies...the main factor is that more PS3 owners is better for software sales...while if the install base of the PS3 kept increasing, but Blu Ray was not a movie format...that would probably be an indication that more own the PS3 solely for I guess would be ideal for software sales...but if 10 million people buy a PS3 for movies first...and still pick up around a single game each (a not too unlikely outcome) that is still a significant amount of revenue going into the software industry...

it is a factor...but not to the point where the 360 and Wii will be thriving with exclusives because they feel that the PS3 is only a movie player...

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blacsheep3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

i remember a couple months ago you were all saying microsoft doesnt need hd-dvd, bluray was sonys downfall,it wasnt worth it,its crap

now reading your comments shows how you now want to jump on the bandwagon with news that microsoft MAY include an external blu ray drive, this really has put egg on the faces of microsoft who would have to pay sony royalties but what does this show about you?

you condemned bluray but now you getting excited if microsoft includes it? fickle bunch,so really is that not fanboyism in itself?

alot of stern sony supporters who rode the early storm are now reaping the benefits in sonys gamble,it was a massive gamble that was to make or break the company,but guess what?being brave is now paying dividends and the smart move is non-gamers will purchase the ps3 due to it being upgradable so it will always be the most upto date bluray player and gamers will purchase the ps3 due to its power,technology and exclusives

this really would be an embarrasment for microsoft due to the fact they will pay sony royalties,it proves their machine is last-gen in terms of medium because no matter if they do produce a bluray drive the ps3's GAMES come on bluray which is the jewel in the ps3's crown, 360 games will always be the same as the 1st xbox DVD9.

remember this each one of sonys three consoles (4 if you include the psp) all used different medium,microsoft used the same medium in both of its consoles!

ps3's are selling more and more due to blurays dominance

imagine the conferences going on at microsoft HQ now ' sh!t sh!t sony have gone and done it again i told you not to rush the 360, RROD now this bluray has won but not only that their games come on bluray soon developers are going to broadcast that DVD9 is not enough look at lost odessey,imagine all the people who will now buy a ps3 because its the most cheapest and future proof bluray player plus they get MGS4 and little big planet sh!t sh!t sh!t'

sony you were brave and innovators not a follower like microsoft who are well known for that strategy just ask apple,microsoft will now be eating humble pie

dine well!

MURKERR3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

blacsheepxx agree 100%

console war is over ps3 will triumph over ye 360 which is last gen

uses old medium,what exactly is different from 360 and xbox 1? bigger graphics chip thats it,microsoft ye are jesters now go make my lunch peasants

360 its a xbox 1.5


ICUP3800d ago

The God favor the brave, SONY alway take risk on their console and push new technology, history is repeating itself.

PS1 [CD]= 100 million
PS2 [DVD]= 120 million and counting
PS3 [BR]= at least 100 million and beyond.

sonarus3800d ago

lol i wnt read your whole comment but i agree with the first paragraph. Blu ray is going to become a major deciding factor for new comers buying their next gen games. It will further set the ps3 apart from the 360 and at least to the consumer who is buying for blu ray makes the ps3 a better option. Hopefully game developers also embrace the blu ray format so ps3 owners arent stuck with 5GB installs(yea dats right capcom. you suck!!!). At the end of the day blu ray owners benefit hd-dvd owners lose. It really is that simple. If game devs start to embrace blu ray expect 360 to announce its next console next yr because they simply won't be able to keep up. They could limp on with multi discs on every title but they will ultimately have to create a better option

blacsheep3800d ago

imagine the conferences going on at microsoft HQ now ' sh!t sh!t sony have gone and done it again i told you not to rush the 360, RROD now this bluray has won but not only that their games come on bluray soon developers are going to broadcast that DVD9 is not enough look at lost odessey,imagine all the people who will now buy a ps3 because its the most cheapest and future proof bluray player plus they get MGS4 and little big planet sh!t sh!t sh!t'

skitzoid3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

You left out the part in the MS meeting where they will just start pushing digital download. *SIGH*

Isn't it amazing how that is all we hear now that BluRay has defeated HD DVD? IMO It's looks so desperate for the people and companies that backed HD DVD to now be trumpeting digital download.

If you are a person that games online the last thing you want is an insane amount of additional traffic on the net. Not to mention the fact that you wont get Hi Def in it's purest form. It will have to be compressed for download. Isn't uncompressed video and audio the reason to own Blu Ray in the first place?

Oh well back to gaming.

Kleptic3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

I agree...although the royalty thing is a bit exaggerated...MS will have to get rights to a BD player for the 360 through the BDA...and pay a lot of certification stuff...but that money will filter down through nearly 25 main corporations that make up the BDA...the actual money that Sony will receive for such an endeavor will be near pointless...Unless MS contracts Sony directly for production of the standalone player, which would never happen, Sony is only going to see pennies relative to the revenue BD software will be pulling in soon...

the good part for Sony is that MS will help to push a product that they have an invested interest in...the money will start when BD software sales sky rocket...not player sales...if a standalone BD player for the 360 increases market penetration of BD substantially (which is probably won't) it will be nothing but good for BDA, thus...Sony...

in either case though, a 360 standalone player will not do much...It will probably only interest current 360 owners...and would be even more of a deterrent for someone looking to buy either a 360 or PS3 ("why would I buy a 360 + a standalone BD player, when I can just get it all in one package for less money?")...

all of this could break apart though...MS has plenty of money to heavily invest in the Blu Ray market if they want to...and there is no reason that they could buy into it enough to get into the executive duties of the association...just like Sony...there is no real reason that MS couldn't be sitting right next to Sony, in terms of BD support...its just a matter of if MS wants to put up that much money, after what happened with HD DVD...

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Skerj3800d ago

But Sony was a fool for forcing BluRay into the system!! Wasn't it like 7-8 months ago when this was still being said by the media and "analysts"? Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Now give me MGS4.

blacsheep3800d ago

is it just me or can you hear the party poppers going off at sony HQ?

ps3 will be more successful than ps2 without a doubt now give me playtv!

2008 just started and ps3 is causing serious damage, damn!

hardmetal3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

Blu-ray was a disadvantage which recently turned out to be an advantage only PS3 as a console has it. The media was wrong about it because they didn't look at the future and didn't take the long term in consideration. Now, Blu-ray won and now starts to be the hottest topic everywhere. When you mention HD as a technology, you must mention Blu-ray which inforces everyone to remember that blacky shiny thing called Playstation 3.(HD=Blu-ray=Playstation 3)

Bolts3800d ago

Now that the format war is over they need to drop prices on Bluray movies. Thirty bucks a pop for a new release is too much. Nobody like expensive media no matter how much the player cost, which is one of HDDVD weakest links. Their players are cheap but their movies cost the same as Bluray.

Perhaps if HDDVD movies wrere $10 cheaper than their Bluray counterpart the outcome would've been a lot different.

Sevir043800d ago

and as soon as January hit withing the first 4 days. Warner and and time warner dropped HDDVD, 2 weeks later we heard that Sony out sold the xbox 360 in 2007 buy 1.7 million. Then we heard that the PS3 from it's laucnh of NOv 06 to the 3rd quarter of fiscal year 07 Sold a total of 10.5 million.... then just last week we heard from NPD that Sony Out sold MS in hardware for the month of January, something That alot of us weren't expecting to happen till Mid may after GTA and just prior to MGS4. Now it's just Mid Feb, and we are here awaiting Toshiba to just announce the with drawl from the HD war... which is as certain as nintendo wiis selling out all year.

it's been one month into 2008 and everyone except sony and they're believers are chiming a different gong... Man The market has changed drastically. in just seven month. from horrible launch, to no games, Bad ports, horrible and high price over half a grand to be exact, to out selling the main competitor for what was looked upon by many as a horrible first year, in the face of the wii phenominon. to haveing block busters such as Rachet HS, Warhawk, and UNcharted.

My My the industry is so unforgiving isn't it. Sony i hope you let them know that they were wrong.. as they are all now kiss your ass.

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CrazedFiend3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

The agree / disagree ration on this thread is INSANE!

(I did have to give a disagree to Eamon tho...)

KYU21303800d ago

i don't think the change will take as long as the writer thinks. they have have hyping the PS3 as the best blu-ray player out due to its upgradablity for a few weeks now. i think we will see a significant surge in sales by summer.

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