Yakuza 5 Demo to Be Released Next Week

With Yakuza 5 set for release in Japan next month, Sega are releasing a demo of the game via the Playstation Network store next week.

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Canary1889d ago

Is Kiryu in this one? I'd heard there were 3 playable characters... not sure how I feel about that.

But I guess a new cast can only be a good thing. I'm a bit tired of seeing Kiryu getting pulled back into "the world."

wishingW3L1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )


and a new guy that is a Baseball player will be replacing Tanimura. And each one of them will start on their own city so that means that beside Kamurocho there will be 4 more cities. There are tons of new mini-games like: a Taxi-Cab Confession kind of mini-game, hunting, car chases, cooking, the entire Virtua Fighter 2 game will be in the Sega arcades (and with online play!) and Haruka's main gameplay will be like [email protected]

Canary1889d ago

Wait, so Haruka's a full playable character? Not just for mini-games? Sounds nice. I really need to get around to finishing Y4.

SoundGamer1889d ago

Please believe, I will be downloading this.

wishingW3L1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

wrong post

itani1889d ago

When will this be released in UK?

e-p-ayeaH1889d ago

Great stuff.

Aiming to get all the Yakuza games soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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