IGN: Dark Sector – AU Impressions

Cam Shea of IGN AU writes: Think of all those happy gamers in the US, the UK and elsewhere, snuggling into their couches for a night of virtual bloodletting. Cleaving enemies in two with a deadly tri-bladed disc that whirls through the air with a pulsing metallic hum; popping out from cover to fire missiles at a hulking mech; wheeling in the darkness as the undead lurch in from all directions. That's the picture as Digital Extremes would like to see it painted come Dark Sector's release in a month or so. In Australia, however, the team and its publisher have hit a major snag.

If you were to judge Dark Sector based on its opening sequences alone, you'd think it was a competent but tried-and-true third person shooter. You know the drill – you're a black-ops agent sent to assassinate a mad scientist (a chap named Mezner in this case) who has unleashed a mutant virus somewhere in Eastern Europe. You can carry a couple of weapons at a time, are adept at using cover, and have health that somehow regenerates. In short, you're a cold, clinical killer with only the end goal in sight. The first hint, however, that Dark Sector is something more, is an obvious one.

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