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Wii U: Freezing Update Coming Next Week

NowGamer: Wii U's freezing issues could be resolved next week with reports that Nintendo might be releasing a second patch. (Nintendo, Wii U)

tweet75  +   857d ago
have faith i got my wii u today its wonderful. Just like with the wii nintendo will strengthen and improve the wii through updates over its lifecycle.
hduce  +   857d ago
That's odd. I have played over 12 different games and hours on end and my Wii U hasn't frozen yet.
Nevers0ft  +   857d ago
I don't think its a huge issue but it did happen once or twice during the day one Giantbomb live stream, so it does happen... Just not often and like all computer lockups, half the time it could simply be "the alignment of the stars" that caused it :)

Also noticed this is another article parading the incorrect "fact" that the update is ~5GB. One guy on Twitter claimed it was that size and suddenly its lore! I prefer more reliable info... It's closer to 1GB, as evidenced by Marcan's WiiU Impersonator Bot:

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sullenger  +   857d ago
Mine has only froze once and I'm pretty sure it was because I was playing black ops 2 online
spike  +   857d ago
Mine froze up 5 times so far, but it's on most of the time.
ylwzx3  +   857d ago
My Mario actually froze up yesterday and didn't have a choice but to unplug it.
deafdani  +   857d ago
My Wii U froze on me three times, and all three times was while I was cheking out community messages in Miiverse. I couldn't even shut off the console with the power button, so I had to unplug it all three times. Weird. I hope this get fixed soon.
bestofthebest  +   857d ago
after the initial update mine froze as it was loading the menu
jmc8888  +   857d ago
Yeah and at least it seems to be software related and not hardware related. My 360 crashes almost every time I use, though sometimes it's good for a few hours. Some games, ten minutes....cough...Rockstar... cough.
morpha  +   857d ago
I would like to thank all American's no behalf of us PAL region Nintendo fans for being the beta testers of the WiiU in advance of our November 30th release.

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