PlayStation Plus - First free games for PS Vita now available

PlayStation Plus on PS Vita has fully started with the first four free games that are now available over the PlayStation Store.

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insomnium21980d ago

Can't wait to get home. I hope my prepaid PSN card has arrived so I can get myself a psn+ subscription going on asap. There are several PS3 games I'm interested in up for grab too. PSN+ just about became irresistable for me with these games for my brand new Vita....

Snookies121980d ago

PS+ is just a fantastic deal no matter how you look at it. :]

FriedGoat1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

I look at it offering me games I already own. So Just remember, If you support Sony and buy alot of games, PS Plus can be a punch to the face sometimes.

@IRetrouk I prefer my physical copies, plus the money I gain on selling them I would lose from buying another memory card, and then some!

IRetrouk1979d ago

Sell the games you own and then download them.

Anon19741979d ago

Just did that Monday. Sold my copy of Uncharted and downloading it now as we speak. I was also waiting to finish Uncharted before buying Gravity Rush and I'm happy I waited. :)

FriedGoat1979d ago

It's interesting because I bet the people disagreeing are people that didn't buy the games. If you had them ALL, you'd feel the same way.

Snookies121979d ago

@FriedGoat - I hardly doubt you'll own EVERY game that Plus puts out each month. If you do, then you have too much money and wouldn't need a service like that anyway. XD

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badz1491979d ago

we in Region 3 got Uncharted and Unit 13 and another game I forgot about and lots of discount just for Vita stuff alone! it's still hard to believe that with just $50 a year you got so many stuff for free every month on both PS3 and Vita now!

I'm still not a subscriber as in Region 3, the offers were always weaker than the other regions but with Vita included I was intrigued! but looks like I'm still gonna hold my subscription a bit longer as I already have Uncharted and Unit 13! hopefully next month we can get Gravity Rush and MNR Road Trip if possible!

still this is great incentives for new Vita owner nonetheless! oh and the improved browser is AWESOME! I'd say GOOD JOB Sony! keep the goods coming!

fermcr1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

The problem is that we have to pay premium prices for the PSVita memory cards to download those games.

Rip-Ridah1979d ago

That is the ONLY thing that has me hesitant to jump on the Vita bandwagon. The AC3: Liberation bundle is proving too hard to resist at $199 though. What are the available card sizes and their prices if you have that info available? Thanks in advance.

abzdine1979d ago

just installed Uncharted :)
Hope we get WipEout next month in Europe :/

FriedGoat1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

I hope we don't. Problem with playstation plus is it no good for people who actually support the brand. I have all these games apart from the terrible ball rolling game where they were too lazy to put the ball rolling animation in when you reverse time. Where are the new games? The Americans get Jet set radio and the only people who get something good are the folks that dont buy anything. This is no incentive for me to keep my subscription.

abzdine1979d ago

you don't wanna keep your subscription it's your problem nobody asked you to buy all Vita games at once.
I bought my PS3 in 2006 and I already owned all games they offered with PS+ when they first opened the service but you should know that PS+ is much more than just Instant Game Collection.

Auto update and trophy sync, Online storage, exclusive betas, 2 years warranty (in NA) add very much to the value.

CalvinKlein1979d ago

I support the brand alot, in fact Id asy that anyone who has a vita is supporting the brand alot.

I actually held out on all these titles except gravity rush because I wanted to DL some of them like wipeout, but SONY has not dropped the price on the PSN store to the levels of the MSRP for their 1st party games. So, sonys crappy psn pricing lagging behind their own price dropped MSRP(you can find the games for the new MSRP or less at EVERY retailer in the US, but not on sony's psn store, LOL) made me hold out on their first party games and now I get them for free.

I bought tons of other games tho so I dont see how not buying every 1st party game means you are not supporting the system.

I have Rayman origins, unit 13, mortal kombat, gravity rush+ overpriced DLC(to support a sequel), Metal gear solid 3 HD, Madden 13, retro city rampage, AC liberation, and Ragnarok odyssey.

I also bought some ps1/psp games to play on it like Mega man maveric hunter X, Vice city stories(waste of money, crappy framerate), and the awesome SILENT HILL.

Id say I supported the Vita alot, now I will support it some more and get a sub to PS+ and get some free games. Ive never really wanted ps+ for ps3, but I couldnt pass this up for vita with so many games for free that Ive been waiting for the PSN price to match the MSRP.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1979d ago

Sine Mora is absolutely fantastic!

strigoi8141979d ago

is sine mora cross buy???

Godchild10201979d ago

No, there is no Cross-buy. But for 20 dollars for both together is not bad. 5 dollars more than what a few of the other Cross-buy titles cost. And since both are the ultimate version is not bad.

Played a bit last night. I thought it aa going to be like Super Star Dust, boy, was I wrong.

FunAndGun1979d ago

you probably had more time with Super Stardust, but how is Sine Mora? What one is better?

I am buying a Vita tomorrow and love stick shooters, was going to buy Super Stardust Delta, but Sine Mora looks awesome too!

Godchild10201979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

@FunAndGun. Both games play differently; Super Stardust plays with both analog sticks and can be a very fast paced game. The color visuals are amazing and presented well on the OLED screen. As most people that plays this knows, that the game is more about movement, so it's not about moving from left to right, but from up and down diagonally and so on.

While Sine Mora is a medium paced shooter, where you can speed up time (Cutscenes) and you can slow down time when try to get through certain areas. Again the visuals on this is great as well, but the colors used are completely different from what you will get from SSD. As for controls, you use the buttons, the shoulder buttons and the left analog stick. The game is moved from left to right.

I believe whichever one you go with, you will enjoy. I personally believe Sine Mora is better played on the Vita, but a greater experience on a TV screen.

I personally like Sine Mora more, because I suck at Super Stardust. So, I advise you to play the demos on them when you get your Vita.

FunAndGun1979d ago

Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it.