The secret to Battlefield 3's success? Getting rid of the "shit animation", says EA boss

OXM UK: "According to EA Games vice-president Patrick Soderlund, succeeding in triple-A circles is all about asking the right questions of your developers. In the case of DICE and the Battlefield franchise, the key question seems to have been as follows: "Good Lord, why does everybody run like they're made of broomsticks? Smear some Hollywood fidelity on that bad boy, stat!" Except that's not what he actually said."

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Avernus1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

next they should see about getting rid of input lag and sound glitching in and out.

I'll gladly live with "shit animation" over not hearing a tank 2 ft behind me >_>

dirthurts1974d ago

I've never experienced either...
I guess you're not playing on pc?

Kingnichendrix1974d ago

i got that on my gaming pc and its high end

ATi_Elite1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

You must not have been paying attention cause on some maps the Russian Helicopters make NO noise at all!

I'm a PC Gamer and both my PC's are High End! Trust us the sound glitch is THERE!!!

P.S. The Death animation is still CRAP! I hate it!

dirthurts1974d ago

What setup are you using for audio?

Norrison1974d ago

I haven't had those problems either, nor my friends, the only complaint I have it's the poor netcode; seriously DICE? Client side hit detection?

MRMagoo1231974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

lol pc fanboys turning on each other cos neither know if the other is a console fanboy niceeee! lmfao. @dirthurts

wtf does the sound setup matter it doesnt matter what you are using be it onboard sound or an expensive waste of time sound card... the games sound shouldnt be arsing ppl around.

dirthurts1974d ago

MRMagoo123, check your eyes. No one is turning on anyone...Can you read?
The only reason I'm asking is to see if I can help. I'm a computer tech.
It's obvious that not everyone is having the issue. Infact, this is the first I've heard of it.
It could easily be a certain piece of hardware, or software causing the problems. Unlike consoles, we can fix a problem if we have one.

MRMagoo1231971d ago

I work in a pc repair shop i know about what can be or cant be fixed douche bag, its just funny watching pc elitist turn on each other as happened here no matter what you try to spin, then you kinda suggest i use only use consoles yet i work on pcs all day and when i get home i use my own pc. nice work looking thicker than i thought you were.

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Dovahkiin1974d ago

Better than the animations in a lot of games. Skyrim for example, they were awful.

EmperorDalek1974d ago

Yeah... Apart from the death animation. I don't wan't to say "bye" to whoever killed me.

Npugz71974d ago

Bf4 should have some sweet animations since they are familiar with the technology now! Bf4 on nextgen xbox! Can't wait!

yoyo121211973d ago

Yea bf4 is going to be awesome since there more experienced with frostbite 2

Bf3 was more like a experiment and they did a amazing job