10 Classic Enemies That Prove Pokemon Totally Ripped Off Mario

WC writes: I love the Pokemon franchise, have ever since I was a nipper. There’s just something fascinating to me – and clearly to millions of others – about a world filled with insane, wonderful creatures with which I can encounter and interact.

However, I was recently looking through an entire list of Mario enemies (as you do) and it struck me how similar some of them are to the critters on offer in the Pokemon franchise. Not all of them of course, but way more than you might have thought.

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TheLyonKing1943d ago

Does it matter though?

Considering Nintendo owns mario and game freak is a company owned by Nintendo.

NukaCola1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Nintendo started as a card company in 1890. Those cards held colors and shapes of simplicity. Pokemon are simplistic creatures of colors and shapes. hmmm.. Although Mario was a game before Pokemon, the card game holds routes to Nintendo's first passion that dates before anyone of us or our grandparents where alive. So...well. just saying.

TopDudeMan1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

I don't see a resemblance in any of these.

The first one I can kinda see, but it's different enough to say they're not ripoffs.

Oh, and it's a total hitfarm, too.

The_Con-Sept1943d ago

What ever this guy is on I want some.... I really don't see how they are even similar.

hazelamy1943d ago

i think they're stretching things a bit with number.

cobrat and ekans?
they're both snakes, how different can they look?

most of these seem to be because they're both based on the same animal, it's going a bit far to say they ripped off mario when all those creatures, most of them, actually exist in the real world.

Tonester9251943d ago

Who cares?

They have a lamp Pokemon