Halo 4 Was Shaped, At Least In Part, By One Of The World’s Great Concept Artists

Sparth's ability to convey not just the look of a sci-fi setting but its mood is legendary, so it was a boon for 343 that they were able to get him to help out on Halo 4.

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iNathan1975d ago

it definitely shows up.

The Art is beautifull, so are the graphics and the sounds effects holly hell...

Panthers1975d ago

I was very surprised at how well it looked. I bought my first 360 about 2 weeks ago and got Halo 3 & 4. Beat Halo 3, put in Halo 4, and flipped out at how much better it looked.

RememberThe3571975d ago

Microsoft assembled one hell of a team at 343. They say you can't buy success, well MS just gave the finger to that.