Edge Feature: 2008's Biggest Blockbuster - Lego Indiana Jones

Edge writes: The man in the hat is back, in block. As Lego Indiana Jones is whipped into shape by Traveller's Tales, Edge heads north to plunder its secrets.

For grown-ups, at least, Lego Indiana Jones promises a journey of rediscovery. Though it isn't released until June, you're playing part of it already, second-guessing every lampoon, level and plasticized scene. But as players who snapped up a whopping 12 million copies of its Star Wars games know, the Lego series isn't just about homage, or the cheap fulfillment of a movie tie-in. It's restorative, whittling characters down to iconic handfuls of movements, abilities and expressions. No matter how many times you've seen the movie, Lego puts you back in the cinema on the opening night, primed for the adventure.

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