PlayStation Vita Firmware Update Launches PlayStation Plus

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has today released the version 2.00 system firmware update for PlayStation Vita which introduces PlayStation Plus, a subscription service package from PlayStation Network, to the system. Allowing fans to get even more from the world’s most powerful portable system the subscription service will be available to existing PlayStation 3 subscribers for no additional cost.

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SynGamer1916d ago

Thoroughly enjoying Gravity Rush, Jet Set, and FFT. Still need to download the others. I think I'm going to pick up the Gravity Rush DLC considering I got the game for free...

Also, the new and improved browser is simply awesome. Pages load WAY faster and I can actually use it in-game now, about time Sony!

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Mikelarry1916d ago

is it too much to ask that sony thinks really hard about the user interface before launching something, should there not be a dedicated icon on the psvita store for psn+ so that users can easily find items instead of having to search for the item to download

Ron_Danger1916d ago

There is. I just opened up the store in my vita at work, and there is a "button" at the top of the store that says "PS+ instant game collection." touch that and it loads up all the games and an option to subscribe to ps+

Mikelarry1916d ago

just checked now and i can see it, but this afternoon it was not there, thanks for the update

Brian1rr1916d ago

Is it 2 hard to press 3 times to get 2 it