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Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 provides online warriors with tons of customisaton options, while presenting story-mode fans the best plot in a COD game yet.

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djslimzz1768d ago

Im not sure CODBO II deserves a 5/5...However...i like the review

bubblebeam1768d ago

In saying that, hardly any games deserve a perfect score. It is Waaaaayyy overused today.

Did anyone notice GameInformers review? They gave it an 8.5, which is what counts on metacritic, but in the actual magazine I got this month, it recieved a 9.25, reviewed by none other than the Editor himself (not the original reviewer.

I find that very fishy. Almost like Activision made them print a better review or something. Or maybe as they are owned by Gamestop, they thought it would be more beneficial to add a more favourable review. That or they didn't want to lose advertising $$$.

Fez1768d ago

If it was a different reviewer wouldn't you expect a different score? I would find it more fishy if the editor's review just happened to be the same as his writer's review (in other word's I wouldn't be happy if the editor just arbitrarily decides on the score regardless of what the actual content of the review is as written by the writer).

Plus the gameinformer site probably gets a lot more traffic than the magazine gets sales so surely it would make more sense to bump the score there too?

bubblebeam1768d ago


But your missing the point. This came AFTER the review on the website, and if they took down the one on the website, it would look even more fishy.

Bottom line is, the first guy who reviewed must not have reviewed it high enough. As why did his review not get into the magazine, but instead they opt to put a higher scored review in there by a different reviewer. Just saying, in my world at least, it seems strange.

Fez1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Yeh maybe, waste of time and money re-reviewing a game so there must have been some reason/incentive.

insomnium21768d ago

Would you look at that. We have a perfect game here folks.

Ben_Grimm1766d ago

So far I believe it's joining one of the highest sold games for the Ps3!

I know you'll be picking it up too Insomnium!

Wagz221768d ago

I will say the multiplayer is the best I think its been since the first Modern Warfare. World at War had an awesome campaign and introduced zombies, but the online was kinda meh. Modern Warfare 2 had an ok campaign but the spec ops mode was awesome and online was just…bad. It was fine for like 2 weeks and then loadouts being over powered and then joining a game halfway through just to be bombarded by killstreak after killstreak. Black Ops had a cool campaign and zombies being more prevalent was great and online was ok, still some balancing issues, but better and gun game and one in the chamber were fun additions. MW3 was the same as MW2 but didn't like the survival mode, it was zombies…without zombies. And now BO2, the campaign seems good so far and zombies being overhauled with tranzit is awesome, and mulitplayer so far it seems to have finally balanced itself out, everything seems fair cause everything and a counter action and the maps have multiple ways of getting to an objective is great. This is the first call of duty since the first MW where I played 5 hours without realizing it.

SolidDuck1768d ago

I agree it's prob the best cod. The campaign is actually good and interested with choices and multiple ending. Zombies is better than ever with new modes. And the MP is is the most balanced and entertaining since 4. I didn't like mw3 at all. But black ops 2 is actually very good. Although its engine is definitely showing its age. Graphically it just doesn't hold up to other big shooters like halo 4 or killzone 3. But it does run at 60 fps, so it's ok that it doesn't look the best since it got so many other things right. I know it's cool to hate COD, but this one is very fun.

hardcorehippiez1768d ago

agree wholeheartedly . i can see myself investing a bit of time with this. Its like playing cod4 again only in 3d :D