Kids want an iPad more than they want a Wii U, Xbox, or anything else

Data compiled by Nielsen showing what products people in the US say they are going to buy in the next 6 months.

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Embeepee1975d ago

Interestingly, more people in the US say they're going to buy a PS3 than an X360 in the next 6 months...which is strange, because the US is X360 territory.

bicfitness1975d ago

Market saturation perhaps. America is the 360's strongest territory, so they would hit the ceiling next after the Wii (which is no officially in decline there).

blitz06231975d ago

Maybe because they already have a 360?

1975d ago
darthv721975d ago

not so surprising as you may think. Those who are saying they will get a ps3 generally also have a 360.

We have reached a point where it is very common to go back and pick up what once was considered the competition because we want to extend our interest in this generation.

Every console generation has been like this. You have your diehards that start off with one platform or the other but either mid way or even towards the end, they bite the bullet and pick up the other as well.

Honestly, i encourage that because it gives those who had a one sided view of the other a proper middle ground. Not saying their view changes but it balances things out and then they can offer a proper perspective on one or the other.

Now as to the main are wanting what is popular and so far that popularity has been on the mobility market. I mean, yeah there are lots of things you can do with a tablet (or phone) that a console just cant do, yet.

The games may be simple but they are entertaining (some, not ALL) and the tablets can be used for school and other entertainment. It doesnt surprise me in the least about this data. I do feel, however, there is more gaming value in a dedicated platform than there is in these tablets.

But to each their own.

MNGamer-N1975d ago

I want a ps3 this season because it's the cheapest it's ever been.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

seems the world is sony territory. But hey can MS really be #1 in the USA forever?

MS did great but the Playstation brand is still stronger(I guess from ps2 days). MS had a year head start and are only on par with sony. That says a lot about popularity.

Besides if people ever want something different "the last of us & Beyond" should bring more sales maybe.

lol only one company investing in new current gen IP's.

darthv721975d ago

then nintendo would more than likely be the stronger. It has been around the longest and is something relatable to people of all ages. Think 1985 to current. not to mention the popularity of Mario in general.

"Playstation" would be more well known to those from 1995 to current. it also helps that the parent company (SONY) has been using it as free advertising in pretty much all of their movies.

MS as a company is more well known for windows which is why they have been working to extend the "XBOX" brand into things such as windows 8. I personally liked the Zune service but I can see why they would want to capitalize on the XBOX name in calling it XBOX Music or XBOX Movies.

Picnic1975d ago

And a beach is shark territory but it doesn't mean we always want to go swimming with the sharks.

DragonKnight1975d ago

You mean water is shark territory right? If a shark were on a beach, no one would have anything to fear from it.

MultiConsoleGamer1975d ago

I've never heard anyone say that and the monthly NPD numbers back my feelings.

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NastyLeftHook01975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

a kid wants a crayon a man wants picasso, whats new? thats why i bought me a vita

League_of_Draven1975d ago

So you wanted a crayon box with no crayons?

NastyLeftHook01975d ago

i use a higher form of logic and i dont expect you to understand what i wrote.

neogeo1975d ago

As a Dad I go to the massage parlor. A kid wants a play ground and a man wants a massage parlor:)

Liefx1975d ago

@tentonsoftube You sound like a tool.

ChickeyCantor1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

" i use a higher form of logic and i dont expect you to understand what i wrote. "

Laughed pretty hard. xD

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meowthemouse1975d ago

Its funny how it made no sense :P

BlackWolf1975d ago

Second on that

MysticStrummer1975d ago

If everyone who can afford an ipad wanted one, it would sell a lot more.

millzy1021975d ago

not really rather have a portable games console, oh wait i have 2 the 3ds and psvita, well no need for an iPad then. but here's a tip if you kid wants an iPad buy them the iPad 1 they look the same and kids won't know the difference, save you big bucks.

Conzul1974d ago

I don't want one. I go to extreme lengths to avoid iProducts. But I see which way the wind is blowing, and next semester I'm getting me an Infinity TF700

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Khordchange1975d ago

Kids want a Wii U more than an ipod touch or an Iphone, see what I did there?

Khordchange1975d ago

A spun it around to make it a positive article

neogeo1975d ago

I put dog poo on my chest.

See what I did there??

Locksus1975d ago

Goddamn. Apple is taking over the world!

animegamingnerd1974d ago

they can't since the rights to the world are owned by disney

doogiebear1975d ago

Who cares? Kids are broke. Adults got the cold hard cash!

iamnsuperman1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

By that logic Christmas shouldn't be profitable for the children toy market and yet is booms with each company trying to get that much have toy. Children are influential and parents are increasingly buying children these products. How many children I see now with a smart phone is insane. I was much older than them before I got my first phone (Nokia 3410). The trend is adults are letting their children get tech at a much earlier age than before which is why marketing stuff at children works

Deku-Johnny1975d ago

Adults got the cold hard cash but most of that cash is spent on their kids. With Christmas next month there will be more money spent on kids than adults.

Sheikh Yerbouti1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

Studies show kids have greater influence than you might thought, even on adult purchases like cars and homes. Some companies (like Scion) market to a younger audience even though their real market audience is quite a bit older, as in the parents.

abzdine1975d ago

adults buy COD, that's worse!

tubers1974d ago

What about 13 year olds?