Gaming with disabilities

Have you ever bought a game based on reviews, but found that you could not fully utilise the controls and therefore had to trade the game back losing you money in the process? This happens quite a lot with disabled gamers especially those with mild physical disabilities.

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pompombrum1942d ago

After seeing this article, it reminded me of this guy:

Blastoise1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

An interesting read. Such an easy fix really. All games should have fully customisable controls in this day an age. For both disabled AND non disabled people

sdozzo1942d ago

Agreed. Even the subtle things like CC or assist for color blindness.

Mostly, easy things that go a long way for some.

meatnormous1942d ago

This is also a great video

I don't think I could do half the things these guys do, they truly are an inspiration.

gazzara1942d ago

Thank you for the superb comments.

We are now starting to work with various Publishers who are getting on board so we can do some accessibility studies on various games and genres as well as giving us interview time with some key developers to understand their logic in designing a game for people with disabilities.

Hopefully, some of our studies will help shape design further on down the line.