How 343 Industries could impress with Halo 5

After the triumphant release of Halo 4, Alex Lemcovich looks to the future of Halo 5 and how 343 industries could potentially improve on an already stellar franchise.

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aviator1892013d ago

Nice and insightful article, but just one thing that bugged me. 343 did not develop Halo Wars. That was done by former Ensemble Studios. 343 may have pitched in story-wise and help in that regard, but they did not develop the game.

Other than that, I also disagree that the chief should take off his helmet to be placed under scrutiny. If there is one thing that should be consistent throughout the new trilogy to the end, it's that the helmet should not come off and the devs need to explore character development and interaction with his helmet intact.

It's a mystery, yes, but a necessary mystery, imo.

Irishguy952013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

I don't really care about the helmet. I don't get why people do either. Never understood silent protagonist in general. I want a character, not an avatar for me(when I can't be involved in it)

Actually can someone explain it to me, why SP's are good? I've seen Gordan Freeman in top 10 Character articles...yet...he never speaks...

aviator1892013d ago

Chief was anything but silent in Halo 4, imo.

Now, the odst protagonist in Halo 3 ODST was the ultimate definition of "silent protagonist."

Personally, I really don't mind silent protagonists. But that's just me.

BattleAxe2013d ago

I think if 343 Studios wants to impress with Halo 5, that they should consult with Naughty Dog for some guidance. Or even GG so that they can optimize those shooting mechanics and create better weapon designs.

andibandit2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )


If they consulted with ND we would have a the smallest maps ever with only 1 path thru it, and every single player would have exactly the same gaming experience.

They weapon designs are problably locked in place by the Lore of the Halo Universe. I would find it kind of strange if, out of nowhere, a new bunch of weapons turned up.

Godchild10202013d ago

I believe they will do great things with Halo 5 and Halo 5 will be a huge selling point for the next Microsoft system. That is if it's release exclusively on the next Microsoft console and not on both 360 and Durango.

As for his helmet, I would be disappointed. I have always had the mindset that he looked like me (The person playing the game, controlling him). As funny as that sounds, it's the truth. He is not me in your game, just mine.

SITH2013d ago

All I want in halo 5 multiplayer specifically, is dedicated servers. The peer to peer has got to go.

ALLWRONG2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

If you're experiencing lag while playing Halo 4, it's your connection. No one is complaining over at the Xbox forums.

bubblebeam2013d ago


Well, just me and a lot of people I know are complaining. More so than Reach, that's for sure. Also, in game chat I am always hearing people bitch about lag, more than usual.

I think the lack of a beta test hurt them, as there are still reports of server issues. Sometimes it says servers are down, cannot view service record etc.

Also, daily/weekly challenges not counting toward the 25 challenges achievement. Some people are over 30 challenges complete, still no achievement. I got mine at 27.

Also, some challenges are being awarded even though you haven't completed them. All of the above have happened to me, and I can prove I'm not the only one. Just read these comments;


SITH2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Yeah because the Internet is as big as (Note the sarcasm. Yeah you see it.)

Now let me help you understand something, no matter how good my connection is in p2p, lagg will still be seen. It is dependent on the overall speed of everyone's connection. A bad nation filter, which halo 4 just happens to have right now and 343 is going to remedy, has me and many others connecting to Australian gamers. Even on t-1 when I was in college, I experienced lag. Go read a book now mr. All Wrong. Very fitting name you have by the way. I freaking love it. And I am not saying dedicated server will fix the lag 100%, but it will make me with my cable connection at 12ms ping running just fine despite some one on a connection running slower and dragging everyone down like p2p currently in halo 4.

bubblebeam2013d ago


Yeah my friend said he watched an interview with one of the people who made Halo 4 (Maybe Josh Holmes), and they asked if Halo 4 would have dedicated servers. Apparently he dodged the question.

I think Halo has always had a weird p2p system. In a lot of games, there isa one host, who's upload determines the latency. I'm pretty sure Halo's (at least in Halo 3) picks 1 person to be the host, yet they are also drawing from the servers somewhat.

I can't remember exactly how it works, but either way Halo's mathmaking has also always been slow. I think that they should just have dedicated servers.

ALLWRONG2013d ago

Like I said "your connection" It's funny watching people complain when their speed is just barely above minimum. You probably get one bar in Netflix.

bubblebeam2013d ago


"Like I said "your connection""

Obviously that was directed at SITH, but I still can't see why you would be opposed to dedicated servers? It doesn't matter how good your internet is if someone with dial up gets host for example.

We shouldn't have to ask for dedicated servers, they should be expected, especially for a series that prides itself on Multiplayer and a series that makes a ton of money.

If you are opposed to the idea, the only thing I can think of is blind fanboyism.

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JellyJelly2013d ago

Bring back Firefight mode. I loved it. Or some kind of wave/horde mode.

CrimsonMask2013d ago

these are the things I want in future Halo titles.
1. bring some of the previous games music scores mixed in with the new. kinda like starwars does it with both trilogys.
2. I would love the flood to come back and be more terrifying than ever.
3. dual weilding, I want that back. I enjoyed it in H2.
4. I would love if there was a codex like ME series and a voice over from Cortana reading it. it would give a synopsis of histories, universe etc.
5. I want to fight against brutes again. they should be the splinter group of covenant.
6. I want fire fight mode back in the mix.
7. bring back a forge world thats massive like reach but diff locations and seasons/ night day cycles. and diff layers so its not just metal.
8. I want ODSTs in it.

StreetsofRage2013d ago

Being a competitive player, i would like some sort of leaderboards in the menu system like COD and Gears.

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