NCsoft - DICE 2008 Chris Chung Video Interview

NCsoft's president talks PS3 development, Tabula Rasa's sales, and the future of the company.

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gamesR4fun3837d ago

Linage or Guild Wars would be the bomb expect to see some free to play titles 2 :D

sonarus3836d ago

sony is casting that net for more variety of games. I wonder what else SOE is doing they better still be working on the DC comics mmo. Sony just needs to keep casting their net with all their games making them wider and wider so everyone can find their variety of game on ps3

Asurastrike3837d ago

Whats the point of an MMO where you can pay to be the best? The reason WoW is so cool is because you have to work to be the best.

Bebedora3836d ago

You are joking right? Pay and sell accounts happens all the time in WoW.