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ZombiU is a frustrating game — both in execution and the gameplay itself. Perhaps the most intense survival horror game ever to grace a Nintendo console, there are elements of fear, isolation and mystery that have never been as executed as well as seen here. Unfortunately, design flaws and unforgiving difficulty lead to frequent moments of annoyance that detract from the unnerving atmosphere.

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jbgamer1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

AGAIN YAAWWNNN , another sony and microsoft critic trying to knock down this game, because it blows the hell of of resident evil 6... just ignore these lying jealous little critics.. the game is selling out every where and just like ninja gaiden 3 razor's edge, check out the fan review scores, fans are giving both these games, an over all 92 out of 100.
these are the fans buying these games.. so if you are unsure, I SAY DO NOT TRUST THE CRITICS, IGN GOT A PLAYSTATION REVIEWER TO RATE ZOMBI U? YEAH THAT WAS FAIR?? NOT!!!
SO AGAIN rent, rent these titles for your self.. I have ninja gaiden and zombi u, THERE ARE NO MUDDY GRAPHICS, JAGGIES, SHALLOW AND WONKY GAME PLAY... ALL LIES.. the wii u is selling and so are the games... the wii u is hardcore, and the sony and microsoft controlled media, cant stand it.. GROW UP AND GET OVER IT!! REMEMBER NINTENDO FANS THE BEST CRITIC IS YOU!! YOU DON'T LISTEN TO THE LIES, RENT THE GAME FOR YOUR SELF....
because what if all gamers believed these biased reviews, zombi u didn't sell, cod didn't sell, ninja gaiden didn't sell, just mario and nintendo land and scribblenauts...

the sony and micro soft media would be happy, because if the games don't sell, UBSIOFT, NAMCO, EA, ACTIVISION, all these companies would say, WELL IF THE FANS WON'T BUY OUR HARD CORE GAMES, THEN WILL NOT MAKE THEM FOR THE WII U..


HOW CHILDISH BUT SADLY TRUE.. I Don't know why they hate nintnendo but they do, and anything to bring them down, they will try to do it.. but thankfully fans are ingoring the crtiics, zombi u and ninja gaiden, are selling out like crazy!! hardcore games are selling and the videogame media hates it!!! so keep it up nintendo fans ignore the biased critics, RENT THEN BUY, RENT THEN BUY, TO MAKE SURE YOU LIKE IT!! YOU BE THE CRITIC, LET'S SHOW THE WHOLE WORLD THAT NINTENDO FANS ARE HARD CORE FANS TOO. DON'T LIKE IT CRITICS? GORW UP AND GET OVER IT!!

eferreira1977d ago

grow up, some people hate it and some like it. If you like it then buy it. Stop crying to the internet about it.

MmaFan-Qc1977d ago

want some butter with you butthurt?

jbgamer1977d ago

no hard core games are selling on the wii u and you can't stand it, so haVe some sour cream along with that butter for you. you can't stand it that the wii u has better versions of cod, ninja gaiden, and bat man can you? GROW UP AND DEAL WITH IT !!

millzy1021977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

I noticed this too, I can't actually say what the games are like because I live in UK and have to wait another 8 days, bad times but I have noticed ign is using a PlayStation reviewer which I find cheaky especaily when they have a nintedo department and a lot of negitive reviews are about the good points in the game but they try and make it sound negitive especially zombiu. aparently it slow paced, not enough ammo and claustrophobic, but these are the point of the game as it is survival horror not action and i know this is bull before I've even played the game but I will say if you thought zombiu was going to be a traditional fps with zombies definitely rent before you buy as you may not like it but im a massive survival horror fan and this is the game i pre ordered the system for, I was going to wait for zelda but I can't resist a decent survival horror and on gamespot the reviewer down marked it because he fell of building and died, well no shit. I don't listen to negativity as I already made my mins up at e3. I also read user reviews and all sound positive. its a shame because people refuse to believe Nintendo can release a "decent" console when they have a good record of good hardware. I'm a multi platform gamer who has played and owned every system since the NES and I see a lot of potential in wii u.

jbgamer1977d ago

sorry sony and microsoft fans.. hardcore games are getting great fan reviews, so the games are still selling!! is your but hurt because you go sucky ass version of ninja gaiden, while nintendo fans get a great version, and RE6 FANS YOUR GAME SUCKS SO BAD, while zombi u re invents the genre, grow up folks the wii u and the hard core games are selling and there is nothing you can do about it!! want some cheese with that whine? SONY AND MICRO SOFT EPIC FAIL!!!