Is This The Beginning of the End for Nintendo?

Is the launch of the Wii U the end of Nintendo's reign in the Console War? That & More on Errol's 1st Podcast.

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Phil321949d ago

Mario's reaction in the article picture was mine to reading the headline.

We have enough "Is _______ doomed?" articles in the industry already. Is it simply an easy way to get people to click on one's stuff? Even if the opinion is "no, it is not the beginning of the end", the question is asked so much that I'm completely tired of it.

Errol James1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

I mean I could ask Wii U Owners if the Wii U is the best thing to happen to videogames, but I'm concerned that I'd only hear from Nintendo Fanboys at this point.

Phil321949d ago

That's understandable about not wanting to ask Wii U owners, but that's a loaded question anyway, don't you think? :P

jmc88881949d ago

I didn't own a Wii, but it's quite clear they were #1 last generation. Not power wise, but in terms of sales, which is what counts, it was.

Also did they not juke MS/Sony so hard it broke their ankles with motion controls? Sure did.

They forced their bigger, more powerful competitors to undertake Kinect and Move to counter them. People don't understand how big of a deal that is. You can bet they were a lot of concerned people and heated conversations about how a clearly inferior technical product was not only blowing them out of the water, but was actually profitable for them.

The Wii U adds to this with the gamepad. It's a bit off to say 'best thing', because things don't have to be 'the best thing eva' to change the landscape. So lower that bar back to reality, and suddenly you find that yes, the Wii U's gamepad is a very good step forward for gaming. One that at some point will be copied again.

As for the whole premise of the article, it's absolutely moronic. Beginning of the end? I'm sorry the Wii U is not the albatross around Nintendo's neck that PS3 was for Sony. Last I checked Sony's stock/cash/debt has made it 1/10th as powerful as what it once was (and far less if you account for real inflation). Not to mention all the other sectors it is massively losing in as in Discman losing to ipod (or cell phones), and Sony's TV's losing to well Vizio, Insignia, and everyone else.

Also last I checked, the Wii U was selling out, yet doing a good job of constantly refilling the stock at stores. Maybe they've embraced JIT, and have the console production capable of constantly trickling systems in? Hard to say. But when something is selling out, it's a bit moronic to say 'beginning of the end'.

Last I checked too, the Wii, which did end up #1 did so with some major problems that hindered it. None of those are present in the Wii U.

It DOES play 3rd party games like FPS, and 3rd party publishers use it, and will in the future (because game engines can SCALE).

It IS in HD, and unlike the majority of 360 games, these games actually are in HD and from the get-go, with 1080 capability.

We'll see how well the online network works. But there are no friend codes, and from the reports, there was very little lag in online games, at least with BLOPS2...some saying it played better on the Wii U then previous versions for them played on the 360. Time will tell how this holds up across different games from different devs, but it's a good start.

It's got dual stick, whether it's the gamepad, or the pro controller. Though they should have kept the right stick layout below rather than above, this really isn't that big of a deal.

People can guess what the PS4/720 will be (most far too grandiose for what they'll actually be), but for now the Wii U is the strongest console overall. Thus all the major gripes about the Wii aren't with the Wii U.

So if you take the more realistic question of if the Wii U is a good step forward, and has the ability to compete from the back (though until the others release, from the front) alot better than the Wii ever had, then yes, it does meet that question, which is all that actually matters. Everything beyond that is superfluous.

Zodiac1949d ago

Is This The Beginning of the End for (insert every company who ever made a console)

Errol James1949d ago

Same could be asked about THQ, and they don't make consoles. Unless you count that uDraw thingy.

Zodiac1949d ago

I don't count that at all. It' software that doesn't work without a console to play it.

Pretty much an exclusive controller to the game. Same with the gamepad. Just a controller than doesn't work without a console.

Mikito111949d ago

Simple answer.. NO! Of course not!