Far Cry 3 - 7 Reasons to be Super Excited

MMGN: Far Cry 3 is one of the last potential Game of the Year Contenders of 2012. As the year in games slowly comes to an end, we take a look at seven reasons to be excited for Far Cry 3 -- the game that has you punching sharks to defuse a fiery situation and warding off Chlamydia.

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stone_cold1709d ago

one of the best games of 2012

1709d ago
Plagasx1709d ago

Let me borrow your time machine plz.

JoGam1709d ago

Yes, this is ONE of the best games this year. I see you got two disagrees. Two idiots may have thought you said best game of year.

stone_cold1708d ago

yes i mean one of the best not the best

ab5olut10n1709d ago

i'm wicked excited for this. loved the hell out of fc2.

1709d ago
Hazmat131709d ago

i can not wait for this game. much different from your standard FPS. when december 4 (north american release) get ready to step into insanity.