The Walking Dead - Episode 5 Review | EGM

EGM: "Right from the start, this episode cranks up the tension to 11. Unfortunately, this may also be why it burns itself out as the shortest episode of the series. However, it’s also one of the most satisfying, as everything you’ve built up to finally comes to a head—and in the end, you’ll do whatever you can to protect Clementine in this accomplishment in videogame storytelling."

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Soldierone1852d ago

I think the episode could have been better. Was super short, and nothing really gets answered. The walkie talkie does, but all the other loose ends are still there....then it doesn't even close the story out completely at all....

Still a great series and a good ending, just wish the last episode was a little more epic....

JellyJelly1852d ago

Waiting for a collection with all episodes. Anyone know if it's been hinted at?

WooHooAlex1852d ago

I'm pretty sure the retail collection comes out next week for $39.99

Der_Kommandant1852d ago

Just finished it and I'm gonna need a whole lot of serious therapy.

WooHooAlex1852d ago

Soooooo good! That ending choked me up a little.

aDDicteD1852d ago

the ending of this season was very well done. it's simply is one of the best games out.