Was Blu-ray worth Sony's effort?

Ken Mitchell from Tech.Blorge writes:

"With the HD media wars pretty much over and the smoke settling on the battlefields, consumers can finally be comfortable buying Blu-ray players. But how long will that last? How long will consumers be scurrying to the retail stores to pick up Blu-ray titles on release day? Is it going to be worth it for Sony in the long run?"

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sonarus3801d ago

sony and toshiba were ready to duke it out till death so i guess yes it will be worth it and it will pay handsomly for them too.

Cryos3801d ago

There are a few reasons why Digital Downloads will not be mainstream for at least 2 more generations (blu-ray included in that, then maybe holo-disk)

1. Bandwidth concerns
2. Format Types (until 1 standard format that can be played in multiple players, without hastle, update, etc.)
3. Consumer confidence in non-physical media. Consumers will not download movies if they cannot take from Player to Player in house or to other houses and Players.

People like to site MP3 as an example. But you must remember that ripping and downloading music was done "illegally" for years before gaining popularity and then becoming regulated. With downloaded content for movies already ahead of the curve as far as regulations go, it will not gain mass appeal as quickly.

fusionboxer3800d ago

..What type of dumb question is this? Sony has been making profits from blu ray players sold and licensing fees since the start war or not. They've sold more then HD DVD for a while now and in turn are backed by a number of high profile studios and electronic companies including dell, apple and more.

If Dell starts putting blu ray disc drives in every computer then expect sony to make even more money. Overall its been helping and even if it only helps for the next 5 years then the main point is that it still helped.

tethered3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

Consumers will continue to purchase physical media for a long, long time.

I'm not saying there will only be physical media.
I'm saying Blu-ray will dominate for many years. (8 to 10 years)

Two years to get HDTV's in homes as the standard.
After that, 6 to 8 years of Blu-ray sales being the format of choice.
I think, after that is when the digital downloads will take over.

HD downloads, by that time, will take a half hour, or less.

Until people can Download HD movies quickly, there will continue to be physical media.

The_Engineer3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

to do with download speeds, harddrives crash, hardware fails, when that happens what happens to your downloaded movie collection??

oh let me guess you back it up to disc, back to square one.

Bluray is here to stay and all the doom and gloom from all those ass hurt by this defeat of HD-DVD wont change a thing.

Saint Sony3801d ago

There are better formats coming up already. So we can't be sure how long blu-ray will be the number one media (what comes to discs).

I'm sure Blu-ray has helped PS3 to survive, just because so many people have bought it as a blu-ray player instead of console. This can be seen if looking the numbers of games sold per console, which really is low number for PS3 compared to 360 for example.

As a gamer point of view, 360 with blu-ray sounds much more tempting choice than PS3, which already has quite old blu-ray player (speed aint that good) and games collection for PS3 ain't as tempting yet either. Things will be better for sure, but if MS brings blu-ray out soon for 360, Sony might loose at least tiny bit of sales. They gain profit from the blu-ray discs in the end so I'm sure it does not bother them.

thedude176553801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

@Saint Sony
The ps3 may have an "old" blu-ray player, but it can get updates via firmware, unlike most of the stand alone players that are on sale. just don't assume other gamers feel the same way about mircrosoft and blu-ray. you also touched on the fact that sony does not sell many games per sku, and people are buying it for a blu-ray before a gaming system, but that also happened to the ps2, and look how that turned out.

gonzopia3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

...the question is not whether it's better or not, but whether it offers a SIGNIFICANT and necessary difference from the existing technology.

Downloads are good, but physical media will always win. Blu-ray is going to get a toehold on the market starting right about now. Within a year, they'll be entrenched - much like DVD is now. It will take a massive change in requirements (like the desire to go from SD to HD) to get the public to switch again. It will happen, but I'm guessing it will take between 8-10 years (like you said) before it does. When it does, it will not be downloads but a physical format they choose.

Pricey3800d ago

I would just like to say I approve of you picture

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mighty_douche3801d ago

LOL... what a stupid article, of course it was...

i know pro M$ noobs will scream digital downloads are the future, thats fine if you want pi55y compressed audio/video, but i dont.

Ill take a disc over download till the day i die.

ASSASSYN 36o3800d ago

Stupid means YOU don't understand it.

Blink3800d ago

This is lame. Why don't they ask sony if betamax was worth it:) 1080p uncompressed audio...besides i already own a crapload of discs that say DVD on them:) Bring on the Blu!

dale13801d ago

bandwidth is a major question and if you own hd 1080p tv is a download even an option

thedude176553801d ago

and as more and more people purchase those 1080p tvs over the next couple of years, more and more will begin to download high quality movies which will clog bandwidth for the vast majority as it becomes more popular.

ASSASSYN 36o3800d ago

If you can afford a 1080p T.V. a simple download shouldn't be a problem.