No More Heroes - 411mania Review

No More Heroes is the game your parents and hardcore censorship groups warned you about. The fact that it hasn't received more media attention is an absolute miracle. It is impossible to escape the game's premise: a gamer is living out their fantasy of owning a lightsabre and cutting down anyone who stands against them. Yet behind the controversial material is a story with a message. As for the title itself, it is an enjoyable little oddity that doesn't depart from the slasher formula, but uses its own bells and whistles to keep things interesting. Play it, if only to experience a violent title that still holds true to its intellectual and artistic vision.

Graphics: 7.8 - Cel-shaded mayhem, good architecture.
Gameplay: 8.4 - A veritable circus of the weird and uncanny.
Sound: 8.2 - Makes no apologies.
Lasting Appeal: 8.0 - Two endings, three difficulties and quite a few unlockables.
Fun Factor: 8.7 - An artistic masterpiece.

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