Head2Head: Call Of Duty Black Ops II Screenshot Comparison Wii U/PS3/Xbox 360

Lens of Truth Writes "Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head! This time we take a closer look at Activision’s Call of Duty Black Ops II for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii U Now that the Wii U is out and ready to battle the question remains, hows does this version stack up to the rest? Well come take a look us as we compare one of the most anticipate game release this year against the new competition!"

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GraveLord1945d ago

PC > 360 > PS3 > Wii U
Saved you the trouble.

aceitman1945d ago

whats funny is the ps3 and 360 look the same now, but the wii u looks like the ps3 from the 1st batch of ps3 vs 360 . the ps3 looked washed out, now it doesnt. what the hell is going on . i have both versions, my son the 360 me ps3 they look identicle and the color contrast is the same , so someone help me and tell me what this website is doing .

RudeSole Devil1945d ago

Na the PS3 version looks a little less washed out than the Xbox 360 version and the Wii u looks even more washed out. But the limited RGB range on the PS3 and Wii U are adjustable through your tv so no big deal.

meetajhu1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

[email protected] low resolution console owners trying to defend there console. I own Ps3 and 360 and the Console's HD version of the game runs at 800x600(4:3) 862x720(16:9) rofl! While the PC runs at native [email protected] or higher.

aPerson1944d ago


Enjoy your virginity.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

ps3 owns wiiU in the 3rd picture.

JellyJelly1944d ago

Wouldn't it be more interesting to compare how the games look in motion though? Looking at static screen grabs isn't really telling.

ProjectVulcan1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

PC > > > > 360 = Wii U > PS3


Wii U has clearer textures because it has none of that nasty PS3 blur filter. PS3 does appear to win in one shot but if you scroll down to see the FULL sliding version (of the zoomed face shot) it doesn't really if you compare the guy's uniform lapels and strangely his sideburn hair. Much sharper on Wii U. Everything else Wii U is much sharper, and about on par with 360. PS3 just needs to lose the horrendous blur filter.

You'll say Wii U has more resolution but we still don't actually know that. I would bet that it hasn't. Technically PS3 and 360 are also both 720p, its the OTHER axis missing a bunch of pixels.

metroid321944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Everyone on here tries to go against the facts the wiiu version of Black ops 2 is superior in speed/gameplay/graphics look it up even on GAME website UK it said the wiiu version is the best the series has ever looked in terms of textures/lighting/shadows END OF all the screen shot comparisons in the world mean nothing as it's confirmed GET IT CONFIRMED only this site is full of people that don't get it when a developer is making the game says its superior on wiiu IT IS ??????????????????? Fucking Plums.

ProjectVulcan1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

How is it a fact that Wii U has better game play? It's the same game as on all the other platforms. Massive facepalm. None of what you claimed as a fact is actually a fact.

Getting your information from a website selling you a game? That's ridiculous.

I have no idea why you replied such nonsense to my post. I already made it clear that Wii U beats PS3 on this game visually. However it doesn't beat 360 and unless it has more resolution which is UNCONFIRMED then it is equal. No better. No worse.

Gamer19821944d ago

You blind? Look at the third image on the article and look at his nose the WiiU version is missing a LOT of detail. Why? Because of the CPU restrictions.

ProjectVulcan1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

I think you are blind. Fact is, CPU performance will not dictate texture quality anyway....The third image is probably taken at a slightly different point which is why the facial expression is different and the lighting is slightly changed on his face easily explaining the difference.

Because of this if you look elsewhere, like the guy's buttons on his lapels or his sideburns on the right side they are much sharper on Wii U. All the fine details like individual strands of hair. What is a blurry fuzz on Ps3 is defined strands on Wii u. But thats the same in every shot, every shot you look at Wii U is plainly sharper and crisper overall than the PS3 version.

Even if as you claim PS3 wins this one shot which it simply doesn't, Wii U wins every single other shot for fidelity against PS3. Every single one.

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Lior1945d ago

Ps3 has a much better colour contrast and the textures are much crisper, I am really surprised that this wii cannot even top 2006 hardware honestly

andibandit1944d ago

The ps3 version is utter crap, have you even tried it?. As soon as you turn the camera everything becomes as blurred as sh.t

Norrison1945d ago

BO2 looks better than killzone on PC

ape0071943d ago

KZ3 hhhh wjo the hell play that crap

KZ2 is miles better, KZ3 tries to be CoD

ginsunuva1944d ago

shit > shitty > shittier > shittiest

Saved ya'll the trouble.

DoomeDx1944d ago

Why is LoT comparing the the cutscenes? They look EXACLY the same because its pre-rendered. the only diffrence you see if the colors. lol

More gameplay, less loading-screen cutscenes

TheBardsSong1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Except the Wii U looks better than the PS3 in every screenshot except the extreme closeup of the black man. It has much cleaner textures and a better draw distance.

Anon19741944d ago

Yeah, THAT'S exactly what we needed. Another contestant in these absurd pissing contests.

"But if you pause the game and squint just so, you'll see a jaggy on the rock shadow in the lower left hand corner."

I'll never forget that guy from Lens of Truth claiming they're the only site that has the "balls" to call out developers for the good of the entire gaming community. Uh-huh, because turning gamers into pixel counters and then setting them at each other's throats with unverifiable images really helps build the gamer community.

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YoungPlex1945d ago

Not bad for a launch PORT but will wait until eurogamer does a full analysis. Either way it goes the game is mostly the same, only differences are some face textures and shadows, which isn't bad for a launch port. My real concern is the amount of players actually playing on the Wii U, which should grow as the days, weeks and months, go on!

chukamachine1945d ago

Reading the comments underneath shows how little people actually know about graphics.

The WII U has the exactly the same textures as PS3/360.

But the Wii u is running in a higher rez with aa.

PS3 has lower rez with blurfilter aa

360 has lower rez with msaa.

legend9111945d ago

That and the engine can be optimized on the Wii U.

SilentNegotiator1944d ago

Wii U and 360 are both running at 880x720p with 2xAA. Ps3 is running at the same resolution, but with post-AA.

a_squirrel1944d ago

I'd say the crappy WiiU port looks better than the crappy Ps3 port.

It reminds me of COD on PC. Crappy looking regardless, it's just more obvious because everything isn't blurred so much.

mcstorm1944d ago

You know they all look like the same game to me who would of thought it?

I love how people keep defending the version of the game on the console they like the most.

Just buy the version of the game you want and you are happy. For me im getting it on the WiiU just to have some FPS online action on my wiiu.

Neonridr1945d ago

are you kidding me? The Wii U has MUCH sharper details over the PS3. Look at the stars on the generals hat, or the textures on the truck in the distance. Everything is so blurry on the PS3, whereas at least on the Wii U it is sharper. The only thing I see the Wii U is missing is some wrinkles on the generals face, but that could be because the screenshot isn't from exactly the same moment (as indicated by the lack of any smoke from the PS3 version in the background vs the Wii U having the smoke).

They all look pretty much the same though. We could nitpick for hours over all this stuff with no real conclusion. People see what they want to see I guess.

HateFanboys1945d ago

"People see what they want to see I guess"

You're seeing what you wanna see

Computersaysno1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Far as I can tell he is just seeing what is actually there and everyone who disagrees needs an eye test. Wii U is sharper than PS3. Deal with it.

You would have to be registered blind to not see that fact.

Honestly someone could post on here that liquid water is wet and get disagrees. Accept. Facts.

Dropdeadll1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Yeah, your right Wii U looks sharper then PS3. Wii U screens look really bright but that can be easily adjusted on the TV settings.

Gamer19821944d ago

Sharper because of AA but the CPU lets the WiiU down look at his nose in the 3rd pic its lacking detail the PS3 version and 360 version has.